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Can kundalini awakening lead to cold shivers through the heart region?

I have already experienced lunacy through faulty yoga practises 10 years ago. (manic, extremely joyful state, voices, visions etc). Now I feel these cold heart shivers and no joy at all like I’m in a black pit with foggy brain.
How can I rectify it if is caused by kundalini?
its like all the finer feelings have left me for good
I learnt all yoga from a book, never done it in a group with a teacher. I practised Uddiyana bandha and mula bandha and headstands and pranayama while being in a passionate, impatient state and smoking. I was meditating once and lost myself totally and became one with the birds I was hearing. I also had a dream where I was taunting this girl I was obsessed with at work and she turned round and had eyes like medusa, full of fire. When I woke i looked under the sheets and sparks were coming out of my solar plexus area, lighting up the darkness- Is this something to do with kundalini affecting that chakra?
I have not done any yoga for a number of years due to these effects.
Here is a warning for people taking up this practise


  1. kundalini messes with your nervous system…it is also demonic….seek deliverance from a local pastor….charismatic, pentecostal

  2. all of these sound like symptoms of severe mental illness, which if you’ve been manic and delusional (as it sounds) then you are probably already familiar with.
    You don’t need to look any further than that.

  3. all of these sound like symptoms of severe mental illness, which if you’ve been manic and delusional (as it sounds) then you are probably already familiar with.
    You don’t need to look any further than that.

  4. Kundalini is not dangerous, it is impossible for it to travel any further than what you are ready for. Kundalini is not some outside force but animates all things, watch. : )
    There is one energy that keeps taking on new shapes and forms. In Tantra the name of that energy is Shakti, which is the manifesting, or feminine force that is actually one and the same with its only apparent companion Shiva, the latent, or masculine. Each time the energy takes on a new form, we give it a new name. Shakti becomes Kundalini Shakti, or simply Kundalini. Kundalini becomes the energy of Prana, which flows in patterns or channels called Nadis, and concentrates itself by forming intersections known as Chakras. The subtle energies condense and become known as earth, water, fire, air, and space, forming our experience of the gross world. With Kundalini awakening, the primal energy of Shakti awakens in its true form.
    Now if you can find anything dangerous about Kundalini maybe you should stop but to stop it is to exist no more. : )

    • Not true the radiant serpent energy is the only one out of the three that never harms you and is the only one of the three that you can deem safe.The Red and Golden kundalini have ‘harsher’ effects…the effects can be shocking especially for someone new to any depth of emotion(masculine or male energy especially in todays emotionally oppressive society).You should go speak to a professional either way tho…Goodluck Namaste

  5. Are you in the hands of a proper Kundalini Yoga teacher?
    If you aren’t and you are self teaching, Stop It!
    Kundalini is powerful, dangerous stuff if you don’t REALLY know what you’re up to.
    I am not a teacher, but I have access to one. If you really are doing this stuff without proper instruction, drop me an email and I’ll see if my teacher knows how to help.
    Sorry but I must disagree with the learned Coyote here.
    Too many people have been hurt by improper practice.
    Kundalini practice without proper instruction can damage you.
    Can I make a clarification here?
    Kundalini energy, meaning the ‘serpent’ energy at the base of the spine, if left to its own devices, will not harm you.
    But there are exercises designed to ‘force’ that energy up the spine. Such Exercises, unless directed and monitored by a proper teacher, most certainly CAN be dangerous.

  6. Your excellency, You are practicing wrongly. this is the reason, why we all always say one to practice Injunctions.
    You are in a state, where the limited terms of this world will not “Entertain” you and will not “Inspire” you. Because you have not prepared yourself for it.
    Thats why you should Follow Injunctions and Desires should be left ( does not mean you should leave desires, but desire should No More have the capability to affect you , if it is not fulfilled or otherwise )
    also, you should nicely know the three modes and and you should gain the capability of standing above the three afflicting modes.
    i also see many people feel egoistic about chanting mantras, if they are following mantric way of awakening, and they form there own English or other language versions, leading to such things.
    By following all these and doing Sandhya Vandhana, and other things, you will thoroughly activate “Shusumna” and this path will be ready for Receiving “The Force” .
    But don’t worry, here is your safe remedy.
    1.) Please start situating yourself in Sattva.
    2.) Please Leave passion. You have not Gained control over your passion.
    But you are lucky, as My Brother Coyote told, the animating force raise only till where you are capable, and otherwise may be catastrophic.
    And those people speaking nonsense above, please ignore them, they are ignorant and have no idea about what you are asking them, Lolz… they will go to a pastor.. Kundalini is daemonic.. ask them if they even know what it is..lolz lolzzz.
    { { {
    Edit : Now a days not every one of us can take Patanjali’s Yoga sutras and Directly practice form Sanskrit Injunctions and methods, so taking guidance of “genuine” guru is highly recommended.
    } } }
    Lord Bless.
    you can also chant
    “Aum Namo Bagavathe Vasudevaya, Harihi Aum, Harihi Hariu, HariIm, Om Klim Krishnaya Namaha”
    Concentrating your “Hridaya Chakra” = Heart Chakra, and it should do stabilization work and will definitely help you. this much i can recommend to you “SAFELY”, for more information, please get in touch with genuine master, a genuine Guru.
    Please remember as a warning : When the “Intense Desire for Desire-less-ness” is bypassed and animation of Inspiration starts again, make sure it starts in Sattva or in Goodness. The re-passion should raise through inspiration that were BORN in sattva.
    { { { {
    You are more severe case than i imagined, please consult a master, and don’t work on anything mentioned here, please, we are telling this for your own good
    This is why i asked the other question, thought you have technically taken up, now you need to prepare yourself for that level.
    } } }
    — Deito
    Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.

  7. Unfortunately this sounds too much like the common yuppie practice of finding out a small fraction of a discipline, then writing a how to book on it.
    I firmly believe that those who can do, and those who can’t become yuppies and write a book about how to do it…
    But that is My Truth, and may differ from Your Truth!
    PS Coyote would be correct if he had said, “Done correctly”
    .How best to make my point… look to the old Science Fiction movie, “Forbidden Planet” and remember that the creatures from the ID are there just waiting to come out and play if you give them a chance…. I fine it not unlike giving a loaded weapon to a child to play with…, but that again is just my Opinion!

  8. You know, it is always wise to follow through with as much dedication and knowledge as is available when one opens the gates to ones’ spiritual consciousness…..
    to experience some the various states you described can be side effects of the ‘design’ of the rising Kundalini…the psychic channels are opened, and what is released are all of the stored self~judgments that bring us back lifetime after lifetime….this can be overwhelming, and so it is wise to have a Guru, a Master with whom you have developed great trust, respect, and hopefully love. One who understands these things, and can guide you when things get tough.
    Visions, voices, these can be psychic abilities opening within. Mystics live in this world right alongside this ‘real’ one….
    It is not unusual to become dispondent when moving into a highly sensitized state of awareness ~ ..I have experienced this myself ~ to feel like your are even more dense than when you started upon your path…this is normal. It helps to hear this from others, it gives perspective.
    There are excellent suggestions here from CC and Deito, I am only adding a little bit to say that if you give to yourself the refuge of right fellowship, and that of a Master, you will find yourself greatly relieved, and understand the nature of this sacred power within. It takes disapline and knowledge to transmute what is released into more subtle, more refined understandings.
    Please give this to yourself, rather than wasting this precious opportunity dwelling in concern, and the position that your Divine birthright is dangerous…..
    best of luck to you, most sincerely.
    Please feel free to write if so inclined.

  9. all forms of yoga, including kundalini, are forms of intense physical exercise which also “open up” the mind because while one is doing these exercises, the brain and body release what ever chemicals they release which cause the body to be come relaxed. that is all. a long time ago, people started playing around with their bodies, testing the physical limits of their bodies and experimenting with different positions and exercises just to see how far they could push them selves and what would happen if they did. some people probably had a knack for this and it came naturally to them. these people taught others. and so this form of exercise spread through out the land, and more people started doing it.
    these exercises also came to be used as a way of connecting with the world around the people doing them, and of connecting with all living creatures, and with those which people call “gods”.
    and then along came the “christians”, who for some reason insist on ruining other peoples’ ways of doing things. despite the commandment about lying, they spread their lies about other peoples’ beliefs ALL THE TIME. if some one else is happily practicing their beliefs and what ever rites, rituals and practices that go along with their beliefs, with absolutely NO EVIDENCE, the “christians” will say, “it’s demonic, it’s of the devil, you are inviting demons to possess you.”
    ANY one who makes claims about the belifes of others WITH NO PROOF backing up their ridiculous, laughable claims is most likely a “christian” attempting to make other people stop doing what they believe in be cause the “christians” don’t like it and want EVERY one to be just as inane and silly as they. they want THEIR superstition to be the ONLY superstition, and again, despite the “thou shalt not LIE” thing, “christians” will lie all the time about the beliefs of others.
    sparks do NOT come out of peoples’ bodies. that is ridiculous. people ought to mind their own business and stop meddling in the affairs of others. live and let live. that ought to be the FIRST commandment.


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