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Can kids astral travel?

Can hey visit fairys? No i am not in a fantasy land. I beleive it is posible, i just want to knoe if you think so. If so, do you have any tips on how i astral travel tonight? Does it help that i am vegan? I am 11


  1. Actually very young children often spend a great deal of time out of body and find it easier as they have no preconceived notions about it.
    Check out this web site for info.

  2. No one can “astral” travel.
    That website from Fluffy twin should give you a hint. It’s BS, and that site just wants your money.

  3. Can kids astral travel? Sure, probably better than adults because they haven’t yet been conditioned to discard ideas so rampantly, which hinders such things. By 11 you might have this mindset, but it’s easy to ditch and if you are asking this question, you are probably open-minded enough to not get stuck by automatic disbelief. But sure, kids can.
    I don’t know anything about fairies. I don’t know enough to be sure of them or to be doubtful, but if they exist you can probably visit them.
    Tips… only that doubting yourself is like tying a weight to yourself — you will never get anywhere. Also that assuming it is difficult will mkae it so, and genuinely knowing that you cand do it and that it doesn’t have to be hard will make it way easier.
    I don’t think being a vegan matters for astral travel, one way or the other.
    Oh, and one last thing — whoever tells you that you can’t astral travel may be coming from a reasonable perspective and standpoint, but your own experiences should be enough to convince you that you know better. Just don’t get dragged down by doubt — believe in your own ability above all else.

  4. I liked what Bob wrote. Insightful and meaningful.
    Yes kids can astral travel. My wife did it all the time when she was younger.
    I learned a few years ago but I had spontaneous projections when I was younger.
    It really isn’t as mysterious as people make it out to be. Believe it or not we go into the astral every night when we sleep because the astral is where dreams take place.
    Astral projection is actually being consciously aware that you are there in that plane, not dreaming. We can get there by either waking up in a dream, or by consciously projecting there.
    There are many techniques to achieve this and they all take practice.
    In my opinion, a great place to get more information about the astral and how to project is http://www.astralweb.org
    There is nothing for sale, all of the information is free. I found this place a while back and this is where I learned to project.
    Being a vegan probably wont make it easier to project but if one eats an unhealthy diet then that might make it more difficult.
    Best of luck and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


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