Can Jesus break a VooDoo Spell?

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I experienced a psychic attack some time ago. It was not pleasant. The man also rooted (bound) my wife to him. Her personality has changed and she’s definitely in the darkness. Anyone know what I can do to break this?

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Bobby The Wolf - JPA

If it’s Voodoo then maybe you should go to a Voodoo priest (or whatever) and ask him to help.


Yes. Disbelieve it. It will all go away. Just like ghosts under the bed. Poof. All gone.
You CHOOSE to give power to such “beliefs” and you can CHOOSE not to give them power. All up to you.


If you’re serious, then definitely Jesus is your guy. He, hence believers, have overcome Satan and evil.


Voodoo only works if you believe it will. You are giving it power by worrying so much, however if belief in Jesus makes you not believe in the voodoo then yes Jesus can break a voodoo spell…


And you know this to be a work of Vodoun how? Don’t forget that in Vodoun they also work with Jesus and His Angels and Saints, so it’s not like you would be doing anything they aren’t.


No, prayer has no power.

Neo-Queen Madeline Of the Sun



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