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Can it still be used as a Healing Crystal?

Well I went to this store and I found this crystal and it was a crystal pendulum or something like that. Anyway I took off the chain and turned it into a necklace. And I heard of healing crystals? Could I still use it as a healing crystal?
My god people! i just asked! do you have to be rude about it?!!


  • if you feel the vibrations from it, it drew you to it for a reason, try using it as a pendulum first to see if you get a response……do not listen to the negatrons on here….all objects are just a way to focus your own internal energies…..beware those who throw negativity around….it reflects their own inability to connect to the divine…

  • As far as using crystals to heal, it really depends on what exactly you are wanting to heal. Quartz crystals are the most popular found in stores. In shamanic rituals, as well as Wiccan and most other “Old World” religions, stones of any and every variety are used because of their energies and healing powers. The Quartz is also known as a “programmable” stone. Really helps in repelling negative energies, but can be cleansed and “re-charged” to do almost any type of healing. It is known as “The Bone of Mother Earth” because of the large quantities found everywhere. TO ALL OF THOSE RUDE COMMENT MAKERS : Just because you don’t believe, doesn’t make you right.

  • “And I heard of healing crystals”

    Me too.

    “Could I still use it as a healing crystal?”

    No, no you can’t. That’s what’s known as BS.

  • You have to clean it first if you want it to be a healing crystal. And I don’t mean wash it, I mean purify it (there are various ways). Not that I think it will work, but I do know that’s how it’s supposed to work.

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