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Can it ever be possible using Quantummagnetophotodynamic approach to freeze or increase the speed of light?

Microphotonics is an emerging branch of optics . Laboratory work recently suggest that speed of light can be decreased, but not increased. So there must be some technology behind to increase the speed of light. That would help us control the properties of light like any matter.Certainly can look forward for a faster High-definition travel in the future.Can improve-make faster the current speed of networking also using quantum teleportation or Optical Networking if the speed of light is increased.


  1. Nice try. But it’s very easy to slow things down and quite another matter to speed them up.
    Keep reading those sci-fi books, though.

  2. You cannot “freeze” a speed, first of all. Theoretically it could be decreased, but I could also “theoretically” be sleeping with Brooke Burke right now. Same as your question…believe it if you want to, but there is no proof.

  3. Faster than c (light speed in vacuum) communication poses several physical paradoxes that seem to imply that such speeds are impossible to attain.

  4. Network has already extracted pretty much from light. Single mode, multi mode and multiple stream data transfer at a time through 1 beam using different wavelengths of different colors, that’s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing – DWDM. Still there limitation on network that it haven’t reached the speed more than 10Gbps (that’s less than 10^10 Hz) on fiber in real life network devices, it’s because limitation of semiconductors that limit frequency and problems in transmission and reception (sensing). Theoretically maximum speed network can achieve using light is as frequency on cosmic rays (that’s 10^22Hz), that too if semiconductors can work that fast and can transmit one bit per waveform or exceed this limit if managed to bunch more bits in 1 wave (impossible to achieve). This thing is possible if we go ahead of using semiconductors (electron form) for digital processing, and start doing all digital processing using optical form/photon form (no electrons, this will change/end definition of electronics, rather starts a new science), its END to END light that will be get processed though out digital devices, processors, memory, routers, switches. Just imagine this stuff.
    Increasing light’s speed is just a dream; I can add something to this dream, just a simple random idea/imagination – If we can initiate light from light then it will certainly give speed more speed than light but actually won’t change light’s original speed. This is when we can manage to transfer data in running from first photon’s path to second photon’s path that started from first one.
    In real life I am satisfied with current data transfer and processing speeds, it’s adequate to human working speed and brain.


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