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can indigo children lose there auras, when growing up? can there aura change?

can they lose there abilities, and can some one tell me what cystal being aura is? if you know


    • I honestly don’t understand what you people who think completely oposite to this are evento doing here. It is really useless this, they are not asking if it os real un the first place so a comment like this wont change their minds. Remember that you can never tell somebody who they are or not, no one will know best than they do 🙂

  1. There is no such thing as an indigo child. Their crazy parents make that stuff up and it is just one more way parents see their children as “special”. It is a delusion.

    • You can even prove completely that this world is real. It is cool that you don’t share the same thoughts about this, but at the same time there is no need to leave such a comment with so low vibrations there. They are not asking if it is real. They are asking about a fact about it. I don’t think you were even feeling specially good writing that comment, maybe something else had made those seconds more enjoyable and positive to you.
      ~The truth doesn’t need you to believe in it to exist, it is just always there~

  2. they do not lose their aura, they grow over/out their aura , just like some one who is bold , he still has hair but his head grew faster than his hair so you dont see it anymore.

  3. I had to Google this one, as I had not heard of it.
    When I was a child, parents used to boast about what exams we had passed or how good we were at sports. Things have evidently deteriorated since then.

  4. There is no such thing as Indigo children, and parents who tell their children they are such are just adding more narcissism to the world. There are, and have always been, children who are more talented, more intelligent, etc., than others, just as there have always been adults who are thus, but to claim now that intelligent, talented, and willful and difficult children are something different from all other human beings over all of time, is abusive to the children and very irresponsible of the parents. And, I think, it is very likely it is the parents themselves who need to believe their children are something almost other-worldly. It is sad the parents’ egos demand such things.

  5. half of this topic is in psychology and the other half is in new age thinking. . . that’s why i find it slightly more intersting then a snooze fest. . .
    it really all has to do with what side of the fence you sit on in this topic.
    science or new age. being as i have not much experance in new age aura’s my first and best guess is that they don’t usually change colors. . . my thought process along those lines is we’re born with our personalities and they’re developed and shapped along the way but usually a good spirited kind person is going to be that way thru out their life (unless something happens that totally tears apart their outlook and thought process about life.) so that’s in general with out reading up on new age and seeing aura colors guess.
    Now as for a brief statement on the psychology side of indigo children (waits for her class notes to pull up on the puter )
    these children have a higher iq on the bell curve scale. other then that science doesnt credit auras or any other new age ideas as part of their research. basically science says sure they might have a higher iq but really there isnt anything else “special” about them.

  6. I am an Indigo Adult so I can answer this. First off no one loses their aura; indigo or non-indigo; the color of the aura may change as you progress (or sometimes regress) in life; you only change the color of your aura field, but you never “lose” it. Indigo Children are usually born with an indigo colored aura field, but they do change aura colors from time to time; however with indigos its usually pretty consistent with dark blue, indigo, violet and purple. The aura does change color as they develop and as they shift from questioning things toward understanding things; Crystal is merely the advanced status of an indigo person. There are few people born as Crystals, because it’s a form of development/evolution. An indigo person is actually more likely to shift their concioussness toward a Crystal aura field (this sort of looks like a clear bubble around the person) than they are to abandon their natural inclination. If Such a person does abandon their natural trait, they will have to conciously or subcionciously choose another aura color; which is easiest for Indigos to shift to blues or purples; and then later to shift from that spectrum to a corresponding color.
    The Second Question: No They cannot lose their abilities in the strictest sense of losing it; but they can be cooerced into thinking it is evil and therefore suppressing them e.g. being told that having visions is a denomic trait. Or they may have their own personal psycological blockages that prevent them from developing or understanding their gifts. Btw, I personally think the term “spiritual gifts” is better than “abilities” or “powers.”
    (Note: Rainbows are the only “new children” that are prematurely evolved.)
    Thanks, Chad.

  7. The only time a body loses its aura is near or at the time of death. Our aura reflects our mood, health and energy level, so it can change from moment to moment. For those who see auras and understand them, there are no secrets!
    Everyone has the ability to link to the spirit world, even the skeptics who have scoffed at your question. The terms gut feelings, bad vibe, and so forth come from that kind of linking. However, most people in the western culture do not pay attention to this kind of information and say things like it is my imagination and the like.
    All other cultures that have managed to keep out western influence honor this ability and it is a way of life for them. There are no “new children,” but those in the western paradigm of labeling and analyzing try their best to come up with names and labels for that which has been a way of life since the beginning of time. They completely ignore the ways of the traditional native Americans and other tribal cultures who have lived these things since forever and act as this information is “new” and a discovery of the western world.

  8. you can still see auras around people when you get older.My mom can saw purple around her hand and me too but my color was blue because i am an indigo child. And i am not lying


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