Can I use the different colors of candle magick for a bracelet charm to do the same thing?






What I want to know is…can you use the different colors of magick and want they represent on a bracelet to help give you those things that certain colors help with?
If so…would I have to use a specific type of twine or rope? I’m assuming something more nature oriented.


  1. Usage of color can aid you in appealing toward a specific thing or deity, but in and of themselves, no (according to Wiccan study). The entire ritual should be designed toward that specific purpose. Color is a tool, like anything else, but in and of itself it’s just directional. It’s up to you to phrase the spell in accordance with your desired goal.

  2. You certainly can. Things like colors and other materials can really be used for any magick you want, they are just tools to help you focus. It’s all in your mind. Some colors, herbs, minerals, etc. just have history behind them, they’ve meant certain things to so many people for so long that it’s easier for people to continue to use them certain ways, but that does not mean they have to be limited to those uses. Whatever works for you is all that matters.

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