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Can I use tarot cards to contact my dead relatives?

Okay so my sister just died last Friday and it was really really sudden and so no one really knows if she ‘s okayy or not. she was 16 and I was thinking about getting some tarot cards and trying to check on her. Cause my mom is totally again Ouija boards. That and I’m pretty interested in tarot readings and all. Any help would be great but please no “she’s happy now” or “don’t bother her” or anything. I need help here. So yeaa please help! Thanks in advance to all who help.


  1. no. non of that stuff works. if someone dies. their dead, and theres noting you can do to talk or interact with them.

  2. Okay so for starters.
    I have lived and seen
    7 people die for doing
    that type of crap.So,don’t bother.
    I don’t have much info to give
    but just that little advice.

  3. that stuff doesn’t really work, however a lot believe that if you pray or talk to ur dead relatives before sleep, they can talk to you in your dreams.

  4. tarot cards are nothing more than pieces of cardboard usually used by Gypsy type people to separate you from your money.

  5. I’m not an expert at tarot but I think they’re meant to guide yourself than to talk to others who have passed.
    BUT since I’m not an expert, an expert can easily disagree with me.
    However, since you’re just a beginner, how do you know if you’re talking to your sister or if the cards are pertaining to you?
    Tarot cards could be something that is mainly based on superstitions more than anything else. Bad and good. The bad is that people think they bring harm than just realize they’re cards made of paper. (You can thank the big “Church” and Hollywood for that.) The good is that people also think they have power when really the power to control your own decisions and life belongs to you. I believe the tarot cards are meant for a guidance for yourself. If you learn most of the meanings of the cards, you will see that most of ideas are generalized and vague that can easily apply to any situation in life big or small.
    BUT I’M NOT AN EXPERT. So don’t take my word for it.
    I’m sorry about your sister though. I don’t have a real or right way to talk to your sister even though, from what I hear and see, there are many other ways to do so.
    But I will tell you this. I think she’s fine. And if you’re really upset and want to know yourself if she is, she’ll tell you in her own way.

  6. First, those who have passed over go first to the Astral Plane where they are counseled by other spirits. Sometimes they don’t even know they have passed right away.
    So they cannot be reached immediately. There is no exact time limit as to when they can. It is an individual thing and has to do with how quickly they adjust.
    Tarot cards are not tools for mediumship. They are used for readings for the living. Occasionally a reader might get a communication from a soul that has passed on, but that is not what generally happens.
    Wait a few months and then contact a medium if you would like to speak with your sister.
    If you have no one that can recommend someone, check with your local New Age Bookstore ( can be found by googling). They usually know people and may even have someone that works with them.
    Best wishes and condolences.

  7. i heard that ouija boards are really cool and that they do work…my sister had one and she was too freaked out to use it…so i would suggest that you could try it…its always good to take that risk

  8. My deepest sympathies for your loss. I lost a sister too, and it truly hurts.
    I’m glad your mother talked you out of using a Ouija board. I feel they cause more trouble than they are worth; you would have no idea if you were communicating with your sister or something else. I’m a paranormal investigator, and Ouija boards cause all kinds of chaos.
    Tarot cards won’t help you communicate with her. That’s not their purpose. Please don’t allow your grief to cause you to contact someone who will claim to reach your sister for you for a fee. Anyone that would make those claims and charge you would be a fake. Sadly, there are people out there who would use your grief to make money off of you.
    Have you tried talking to her yourself? I’d sit quietly in her room and simply talk to her. I don’t know if you’ll get any response, but you may find a little peace.
    Time will help ease your pain of loss. You’ll always love & miss her, and wonder what life would have been like had she lived. Keep her memory in your heart and maybe she will communicate with you. Just be open to hearing from her.

  9. I don’t know if you are legitimate, but I’m going to let you know that Tarot cards don’t contact the dead as they are for the future and for spirituality…Hope that helps…

  10. There are only two spiritual powers.
    One is God, who does not allow parlour games, and the other one is not God.
    Don’t play, just pray. Just talk to God, talk to her.


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