Can I use Sudocrem on a tattoo to help healing?

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eliminate dressing after approximately an hour in a easy environment.
Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water and pat dry with a smooth towel.
observe a thin layer of Bepanthen cream with smooth hands and wrap with hold film, repeat this 2 to 3 instances each day for two to a few days.
After this time simply practice the cream but forestall wrapping it with grasp movie, do that for any other 1 to two
weeks or until it has healed, relying on the size of your tattoo.
DO no longer let your tattoo get contaminated with grease, dirt or paint and so forth.
DO now not divulge your new tattoo to the sun or go in swimming swimming pools or use sun beds for as much as four weeks.
DO now not soak your tattoo in water for a prolonged time period (e.g. baths) for the primary week. Showers are first-rate.
DO not choose or scratch your new tattoo whilst it’s far restoration as this will pull the color out of it.
DO not use Vaseline or Sudocrem in preference to Bepanthen as those creams draw the ink out of the tattoo.

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yes, that should be ok.

Stephen Gunn

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE SUDOCREM FOR TATTOOS!- sudocrem has many uses- and it is antiseptic but its main effect on the skin is to DRY IT UP to start the healing quicker- the whole point of rubbing a lubrecating cream such as savalon, vasiline or the best “bepanthen”, is to PROLONG THE HEALING OF THE SKIN. the faster your tattoo heals then a scab will appear, and scabs arent good for tattoos because when they fall off they take a load of the ink with them ( leaving tattoos faded and colourless). u should use a lubricating cream and any tattoo artist worth there title will tell you something like Bepanthen will heal it quickly while keeping it from becoming dry. Trust me i’m a tattoo artist myself.


I always use Preperation H on any new tattoos for the first seven days. It works great and keeps the colours bright. Ive never tried sudocrem so dont know.

marie s

go buy pile cream, seriously this is the best thing u can get


Sudocrem is brilliant. I used it on my cat when he had his tail off. It wouldn’t heal at all with what the vet gave me but as soon as I used sudocrem it soon healed!!
I don’t know about tatoos though. Could it be a bit glubby, maybe?


I used vaseline it was the best!!!
Sudocream should be ok though!


Yes it should be, but you can use Vaseline too.


sodocrem really stings when put on raw skin. would it not be better to jusy leave for the night. do you have any tea tree or lavendar oil – put a few drops in water and use that instead to bathe area
Tea tree is natural antispetic, lavendar is antiseptic and also healing of raw areas – encourages scrapes/spots to heal over and dry


yes it would be okay,use in the same way as you would savlon or vaseline


The best product out there that you can buy at any drug store is Aquaphor. Vasline, A&D Ointment, lotions and soaps can pull out the color.


dont use sudocrem it makes it mosit and fades the colour of the tattoo when it eventually heals,, use preperation h or savlon 🙂


Sudocrem works well but I would recommend using Bepanthen,
Its similar stuff but in my experiance it works better,
That and it worked a charm on everyone i’ve seen use it better than sudocrem did.


Bepanthen is the best thing to use on new tattoos. It helps them scab over wuicker and it helps with the itching too


who are these fools saying vasaline is ok for a tattoo? are you kidding me? vasaline has no healing properties, has paraphin in it and atracts all kinds of shite to your tattoo, i havent tried sudecrem but i hear it fades the tattoo, but i do know Bepanthen works for sure


Im a tattoo artist myself and my wife is a nurse and my mum was a pharmacist and some of my clients are doctors and we all used and still recommends SUDOCREM to treat’n fresh tattoos. Let’n any type of wound including fresh tattoos healing longer may be prone to infections. Let’n a tattoo heal quicker doesn’t affect anything, Sudocrem doesn’t make wounds/tattoos thick scab’n instead it produces thin scabs and so thin it looks as if its flakes. sudocrem is also waterproof so if you’de apply it on to your fresh tattoo guaranteed your tattoo is protected even for days even if you’de take showers it’ll still be there. I would highly recommend SUDOCREM as a tattoo aftercare


Preperation H ,but not the “gritty” one use the gel type


Thank you SKULLSUGAR, as I just had my third tattoo done this weekend and Im using sudocrem and now my friend who also made a tattoo told me not to use it as it fade and not moisturoise the tattoo! well, i used it with my second tattoo and it is not faded at all, and, as u mentioned, it is waterproof so will protect the tattoo from soaking!! Many mentioned Bepanthene as aftercare because is a napy rash cream, well Sudocrem is ALSO a napy rash cream and heals much quicker than Bepanthene. I used with my 2 babys and, from experience, is much better and quicker. Im just glad that someone that is actually a professional, agrees about this aftercare cream.

Lisa's inks

Dont use sudocream as a tattoo artist myself I’ve had people come in after getting tattos of other artist who recommended sudocram and half the tattoo fads 🙁


I use a mix of sudocrem and a light, natural baby moisturizer for sensitive skin. Works for me.

James B

Big NO on using Sudocrem for tattoos.
Yeah, its great for eczema, rashes, etc, as it is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic, however it DRIES OUT the skin – I use it for spots for this reason!
If you dry out a tattoo during the healing process it will scab up and fade, leaving you with a patchy tattoo which will have to be re-filled in.

Dan Barnes

i didnt have bepanthen but am getting some tomorrow so i put sudocrem on my tattoo but only the once is that okay??


Ive used sudocream on two of my tattoos now and havent had any problems with it and am now currantly using it now on my thrid tattoo


What do people suggest I use I got my tattoo about a week ago and used the stuff he told me to use buy my tattoo has got a bit infected n stabbed like crazy what can I use??

Kris lacey

Bepanthen is mainly the best cream. I use a neutral skin moisturiser daily on tattoo. After healed where no scabs left. Never let tattoo dry out colours will fade. Don’t use savkon and deffo never use sudocream it dries skin a lot Second sleeve nearly finished.

Nikita Mcclellan

What’s the best thing to use on a new tattoo I have never had one this one is my first and it mean a lot to me so I don’t want the colour to fade or the writing please help it’s 2 days ago I got it done and all I have used is water on it not to much but and it’s scabing that’s why I used water really need advise.


Lol ive got over 12 tattoos always use sudocrem and never had an issue with fade or infection. Just ensure you wear loose clothing on tge area you have tattooed not rubbing of clothing no chance of scratching. Just be careful as you would any tattoo

Jason Clark

some saying yes its fab, some saying no its bad, guess its a suck it see issue!! Sudocrem!!


Don’t use Bepanthen on your tattoos either, they reformulated it and now it’s only as good as Sudocrem, it has petroleum and more lanolin in its formulation now. It’s best to just stick to something like Tattoo Goo at this point.
Bepanthen ruined my newest tattoo’s healing process because of its new formula.
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.


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