Can I use chakra to do real jutsu?

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i think u can it depends on how it goes


sure why not


Learn the meaning of chakra and what it means to you! My chakra comes from the heel of my right hand to a point just under your nose. Can you feel those energy points? Jutsu and Judo are very good disciplines Good luck with all you energy’s


most martial arts i know talk about focussing on the tantien or hara which is an energy point in the lower belly corresponding probably with the second chakra. They say it creates energy and stability and grace.
So probably that is an important part of martial arts.


Um chakras are points down the center line of the body as detailed by the Indian Yogic philosophies, and why ‘real’ jutsu? Is there an unreal kind?
Not making the connection between the two – sorry

Martial Arts

In South & Far East Asian cultures, a chakra (pronunciation (help·info)) is thought to be a nexus of metaphysical and/or biophysical energy residing in the human body. The New Age movement, and to some degree the distinctly different New Thought movement, have also adopted and elaborated on this belief.
Chakra really does work in Jutsu, and is needed in order to function their quality of attacks and expressions in the Arts correctly. Yes! You may you chakra in Jutsu, and it does totally help your ability in the Martial Arts skills.


Yes i think you can use jutsu


these stuff wiil be availabile after 2025 and soon when the gravitation will get very low and the DNA upgrade will be complete…. so our former body will transform in homo luminos… The light man…


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