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Can I use any feather to write in my book of shadows?

I am wiccan and want to write in my book of shadows which is all hand made, natural. Can I use any feather I find or do I have to use a certain feather from a certain bird? Is there a certain feather that is more powerful than others?


  1. Hi there..I’m not a Wiccan but would like to address your question. Feathers represent the energy of the particular bird they come from. I don’t think one is “more powerful” than the other. I think the answer is within you already. Whatever bird you feel most drawn to will probably work best for you!

  2. If you have never worked with a quill I would suggest you work with one for several months before touching the point to a book page. You must also find a source of ink for use with a quill. The Ink we use today is too thin. It will run all over the place. Turkey feathers are usable, but you better have a fine edged pen knife (Yes, that’s how small pen knives got their name.) Our artificially fed and exercised birds no longer grow feathers that would take a turkey into a tree or protect the bird from a winter storm–neither will they keep a point for long.


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