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Can I use a spell to protect my self from someones bad energy?

Answer only those who practise witchcraft,I want to protect my self from someone who sends bad energy to me,no he is not doing spells to me,he isn’t a wiccan or something,he is just a bad person that hates me but I wanna be sure to block this energy from him,so there is a spell for this?


  1. I used to be into witchcraft too when I was younger, as well as other branches of the occult. I used to do a ritual whenever I thought I was cursed or hexed, until I discovered something better. I got it from a book written by a Wiccan. It supposedly was a Wiccan spell, but I found out later it had imagery from the book of Revelations, of all things.
    Now, I no longer live in fear of magic spells, because I have something more powerful. I can go to bed at night not worrying if I did all my banishings correctly, or if a rival occultist out there somewhere found out about me and decided to hex me.
    The reason is, I have Jesus. He is more powerful than any hex or curse. I get emails from people from time to time saying they’ve hexed me, or make a veiled threat they have (i.e. “I found an insanity spell the other day, and it reminded me of you, etc., etc., ) No doubt many others try to hex me and never email me or write me.
    …and I’m still here! Happy, healthy, and doing better than ever!
    My answer is, you don’t have to worry about such things if you have God on your side. No amount of “negative energy” is greater than Jesus. That might not be the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth.

  2. “The reason is, I have Jesus.” lamest answer ever. The guy specifically asks for help from magick practitioners and an insecure Christian is doing proselytism trying to convince others about what he is not even sure about. So you find Jesus? You karma man, not mine. Happy reincarnation…


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