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Can I use a ouija board to summon a succubus?

I want to summon a succubus. Can I use a ouija board to do this?
I’m not ugly. I just want to bang a hot demoness.


  • Just here to set some things straight ;p
    Though there is a lot of confusion I strongly believe succubi/ inccubi are NOT evil. Though they are often bashed it is because that people are misled by certain religious groups. I personally am a satanist and I believe that any demon like creature you treat with respect will not harm you as long as you HAVE RESPECT. These are simply my views and opinions and as for the ouija board, I don’t know but I would be interested in finding out ;D

  • Yes , as I’m sure you are aware, Why?
    The Games People Play

    On a rainy Saturday afternoon many people enjoy getting together in a friend’s home, sitting around a table and playing games. Many such games are harmless, but at least two are far from harmless.

    One of these is the Ouija (pronounced “wee-ja”) board. Invented about 1890, this is a board with an alphabet and other signs on it. Friends sit around the board, place their fingers on a pointer and ask questions. The pointer moves from one letter to another on the board, spelling out answers.

    What kind of answers does it give? One purchaser of a Ouija board wrote to the manufacturer: “It was with great distress that we finally decided the total inaccuracy of the answers means only one thing–the Ouija board we own lies.” Another wrote: “I have one of your Ouija boards and use it with my friends. It gives very good answers early in the day and very dirty answers at night.”

    Selena used to own a Ouija board and she reports that on one occasion the board spelled out that it liked her. When she asked why, the answer was: “Because you are a woman, and that makes all the difference.” There are many similar reports of lies, immorality and obscenity coming from the Ouija board.

    What makes the board answer questions? An English newspaper noted: “The game, Ouija, is based on a Spiritualist method of ‘communicating’ with the dead, and is played with a board like those used at seances.” Consistent with this, many who use the board speak of getting in touch with spirits. Denise wrote to a newspaper and said that through a Ouija board she contacted a spirit that called itself Bob. She complained: “Bob has turned mean. He says he’s not a good spirit, but a demon in hell. He tells me I’m going insane and that soon he will take over my spirit and give me to the devil.”

    If the Ouija board is made to work by spirits, what spirits are they? Certainly not spirits of the dead, because “the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5) It is unthinkable that any spirit from God would be responsible for giving out lies or immoral messages. So we can only conclude that the Ouija board is activated by demonic forces, the foremost of whom, Satan, is “the father of the lie.” (John 8:44) Clearly, the Ouija board, as well as all other forms of spiritism, should be shunned by those who wish to avoid Satan’s unclean influence.–Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

    Another popular game is called Dungeons and Dragons. In this, players assume the roles of monsters, demons and demigods, as well as of murderers, arsonists, rapists and torturers. Pleasant company to have in your living room? It often involves players’ acting out spiritism and magic. Does that sound healthy to you? It certainly is not, for uncleanness and the practice of spiritism are among “the works of the flesh” that will bar a person from inheriting God’s Kingdom.–Galatians 5:19-21.

    One “Dungeon Master,” John Holmes, writing in the magazine Psychology Today, said: “I don’t think this imaginary violence is any more likely to warp the minds of the participants than is the endless stream of violence in TV, movies, or literature.” Well, many feel that “the endless stream of violence” in modern entertainment does warp the minds of those exposed to it. What do you think? Does it not sound as though the Deceiver, Satan the Devil, is trying to use this game to get us to think like him?

  • No you shouldn’t my friend sammy already told you this but, You become addicted to them. You are unable to have a relationship with a human anymore, and If you continue you will eventually die.

  • I suppose you could, but I’d encourage you to not….

    Who knows what kind of being you’ll get…

    Succubi are evil, by nature. Who is to say she’ll let you bang her?… What if she makes is super-unpleasant (rape, anyone?) Being evil, maybe her idea of a good time leaves you ER- or even morgue-worthy.

    It’s something to consider when one summons evil.

  • no and why would you do it . it will suck the life out of you that’s what they do. why don’t you jack off if you need some relief? or go pay some crack head.

  • Well my friend says you could, but then you’ll die because you’ll become addicted to it.
    Why don’t you just call a hooker or something LOL!


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