Home Discussion Forum Can I trick my mind into changing behavior?

Can I trick my mind into changing behavior?

Any information on communicating with the subconscious mind?
I’ve heard stories of people curing diseases and changing behaviors through subconscious communication. How can I tap into this without a hypnotherapist?


  1. G- The easiest way is to be realistic/ The concept of levels and conscious/unconscious, is outdated. The Asians had it right a long time ago and just regarded the consciousness as a whole with various aspects. When you take an integrated approach, it becomes easier to understand MEME&FUPU. The understanding is not as important as the doing. Follow the instructions and your mind will become whole and capable beyond what you might think.
    Make Efforts More Effective &
    Find the Unification of the Physical and the Universal
    Use And Expand Your Choices
    Generalist —June 7, 2009
    A clear, well informed, mind makes your efforts more effective.
    To function much better than usual and optimize life, start by observing what you can see and systematizing it. Then remove all the repetition and all the advice and everything you were ever told is true. Keep only what is verifiable. What you wind up with is that things change. Causes produce effects and life is both tangible and intangible. The fact is that if you choose to guide your life by those simple observations, you will be way ahead of almost everyone. If you want to package those concepts into a system, use the following observations. It is necessary to:
    Choose to focus your intention — NAM-.
    Understand the basic relevant realities like the inseparability of tangible and intangible-MYOHO.
    MYOHO is also the union of the physical and universal that everyone is seeking in religion and inventing different names for.
    Realize that causes produce effects-RENGE.
    Understand that change never stops- KYO. This is motion and continuity-like a river. No one is stuck.
    Reciting the formula that includes all of these basic realities in a short form produces results. Why? It works because the human mind is heavily biased toward language. It’s in Japanese because the topic can’t be expressed as succinctly in another language, and its originator lived in 13th century Japan.
    This process clears the mind for greater comprehension. It is not magic, it is cognitive exercise. It doesn’t replace focused effort toward your goals. It makes those efforts more effective.
    Put your palms together and recite the formula for a great life (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.) It works better when you find a support group at SGI. This summation of life’s realities is the basic truth which anyone can use to enhance life. The dichotomies and contradictions disappear as fast as you allow them to.
    What have I gained since I started to use this formula?
    Unknown artistic ability discovered. That ability led to success.
    Rebuilding of an unhappy, isolated, paranoid, chain saw personality to being a middle class nice guy with all the friends I want.
    Money is much better.
    Professional ability is much better.
    Met and married the woman of my dreams 16 happy years ago.
    Comprehensions added.
    The comprehension required to help hundreds of people change their lives to happy success. Success as they individually defined it
    1) Nichiren Daishonin, by way of Daisaku Ikeda
    2 )http://www.sgi.org —for a variety of reasons, some of the terminology used in some writings of SGI sound religious, but the intention of the founder was that people uncover their inherent enlightenment without requiring any outside agency.


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