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can i tke negative energy rage and channel it to more useful areas how?


  1. Speaking very honestly, if you have rage issues (not just anger like everyone gets angry, but rage that you have a hard time controlling), you probably ought to talk through it with a counselor. He/she will be able to guide you into channeling that wasted energy into more productive activities and help you resolve where that rage is coming from.

  2. Absolutely. This doesn’t always work, but one good way to do so is to turn to a project that needs to be done (one that doesn’t require too much rational thought).
    For instance, exercise is a good way to vent the rage. Hit a punching bag (you can get a stand-up heavy bag at a sporting goods store), lift weights, run, go for a hike, etc. All these things require effort and are beneficial to your body without causing harm to anyone or thing.
    Another idea would be to do some house work. Scrub the shower, do the dishes, vacuum/mop the floor.
    Channel the rage into the project. You will be amazed at what you accomplish this way!

  3. GEEZ!!
    I definitely think so.
    Volunteer somewhere and you might start appreciating the things you have more. It might make you start focusing on the more positive things in your life and the negatives will seem less important!!!
    Good luck: )
    Good morning!!!!!!


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