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Can I take the morning after pill if I get migraines with aura?

I know im not allowed to have the combined pill so was just wondering.


  1. For that you should call planned parenthood and ask a doctor.
    Plan-B, a.k.a. The Morning After Pill, is NOTHING but a mega dose of ‘normal’ birth control pill.
    If you react bad to ‘normal’ birth control pills, you may have a negative reaction to the Morning After Pill.
    CALL PLANNED PARENTHOOD. I’m sure you could ask over the phone.
    Better to ask a doctor then take it and end up in hospital.
    Barrier methods:
    Barrier methods place a physical impediment to the movement of sperm into the female reproductive tract.
    The most popular barrier method is the male condom, a latex or polyurethane sheath placed over the penis. The condom is also available in a female version, which is made of polyurethane. The female condom has a flexible ring at each end – one secures behind the pubic bone to hold the condom in place, while the other ring stays outside the vagina.
    Cervical barriers are devices that are contained completely within the vagina. The contraceptive sponge has a depression to hold it in place over the cervix. The cervical cap is the smallest cervical barrier. Depending on the type of cap, it stays in place by suction to the cervix or to the vaginal walls. The diaphragm fits into place behind the woman’s pubic bone and has a firm but flexible ring, which helps it press against the vaginal walls.
    Spermicide may be placed in the vagina before intercourse and creates a chemical barrier. Spermicide may be used alone, or in combination with a physical barrier.

  2. depends on what medication you are using for the morning after. If it is a bigger dose of combined pill, then no. If it is all progesterone (like Plan B) then, yes, you can take it


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