Can I swim when my foot tattoo is healing if I wear a verrucca sock?

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I’m having a foot tattoo done in a couple of weeks and I swim twice a week. I have read that while your tattoo is healing you must not submerge it in water. Would it be ok if i wear a verrucca sock? If I have to miss swimming for a couple of weeks I will but i would much prefer to continue if possible.

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It would be best not to.
Covering it like that isn’t the best idea. They need the air, and that rubber stuff would probably be pretty irritating, might even get stuck to it?
But sock with no air would be better than other peoples germs and still no air. But missing swimming would be alot better all round.

Kelly L

it’s not a good idea to get your tattoo wet when its healing as it loosens the scab so has to re-scab again .


No, you should wait until it is completely healed, 4-6 weeks. Putting the verrucca sock on could damage the tattoo as well. Best to put it off.

Pam B

I would stay out of the water. Your tattoo is an investment that is still healing and it also is not a good idea to cover it. With my first foot tattoo (done in the summer) I had to miss all kinds of fun stuff, but the tattoo healed very nicely and still looks great.


you are fine to swim now if it if not scabbed anymore – certainly only a short amount of time. no more than an hour.


I wouldn’t reccomend it. It is suggested that you avoid ALL socks while healing a tattoo, and especially a tight rubber/silicone sock like that. There is a chance that it can damage the tattoo. My best advice is to just hold off on swimming until everything is fully healed.


I wouldnt! Wait until your tattoo is fully healed! you might take some scab off pulling the verucca sock off or something!

Alaina J

i wouldn’t risk it man. if you submerge it and your skin gets all wrinkled up, it’ll put a hole in your foot and cause a permanent scar. water and tattoos are nothing to mess with.


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