Home Discussion Forum Can I study Tai Chi and Yoga at the same time?

Can I study Tai Chi and Yoga at the same time?

hi there, I am thinking of taking up classes in both hatha yoga and Tai Chi, does anyone have any views on this, both would be one class a week


  1. I would suggest something other than Hatha yoga.
    Attempting to do Hatha and Tai Chi at the same time will involve attempting to control/channel internal energy flow by using two contradictory methods (stillness/poses and continuous motion) at the same time. You need to focus on one or the other.
    Provided you have the right mindset for it, Jnana yoga is a good method of exploring the relationships between body, mind and spirit.
    Bhakti yoga or Laya yoga.are also possible alternatives.
    Tai Chi is an INTERNAL martial art.
    While combining the Hatha with an EXTERNAL martial art may be beneficial, practicing it with any of the INTERNAL martial arts may lead to your practices “canceling each other out.”

  2. Both would be great, and you can do both daily. It’s actually best to practice each of them daily, so follow your instincts and go for it!
    Remember with yoga to not push yourself too far, only go as far as is comfortable.
    Best of luck to you!


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