Can I study Kabbalah and still believe in Jesus Christ?

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I know I can if I want, but is it a sin?

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Miss Friendly

You WANT to burn in hell, don’t you

Mr Ed

Yes,and it’s not a sin.

The Dustbunny

If you breath you are sinning,… dude get over it!


I have studied all religions..
There is nothing wrong with knowledge, how can you know what you believe if you dont study?

Meatwad [Off The Chain]

Yes, of course. I am and I do. I’m studying Kabbalah right now and I’m Christian.

Karl P

Study anything you wish!! (As to believe it and follow ‘it’, that is a different thing.)


I’m studying Islam and still believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior.
Studying does not mean practicing.

Searcher 4.0

You can study anything and still believe in Jesus Christ…not sure why that would be a sin. You can “study” satanism and still not sin…just gaining knowledge…not practicing it.


That’s like asking, can I watch Miracle on 34th street and still believe in Jesus. Just because you learn about another religion doesn’t mean you have to believe in it. Case in point, I studied Darwinism and I know its a load of crap.


Yes. I know several Christians who do. And no, exploring one’s spiritual options is not a sin. Just try to learn about it from serious and legitmate sources.

Divine Creation

You wanna join the bloods, why come join us!


Hey, one nutty cult is as good as another.
Edit – The fact that Zenkai just used the word “Darwinism” tells me he hasn’t studied a damn thing. 🙂


Ummmm…That is a silly question but anyway…
No, it is not a sin to expand your mind.


Christianity is considered a completion or continuation of Judaism, what would be wrong with studying it? Both religions use the Old Testament anyway or the Torah (hopefully I’m using the right term). I wouldn’t see it as a sin, if so then I sin a lot because I study all the religions, and am still a Christian.


Studying is very different from practicing. I am studying world religions in College and I am a Christian.

Ike R

I don’t understand…you’re asking if you’re allowed to believe in Jesus Christ?
nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do, even the church/bible. doesn’t the bible also tell you that you can commit practically any sin as long as you ask for forgiveness? and its not like you’re even committing a sin (only one would be false gods), but because its the same God I don’t see the sin…
you do know Jesus was jewish, so by studying the kabbalah, you are basically getting a more firm understanding of the old testament.

Lucius S

Christianity originates from Judaism and Paganism. Judaism originally was very into the occult, so it should be fine.


There is nothing wrong with learning new things. Just keep your mind focused and don’t be passive.

True Kabbalah requires a life style and wasn’t even taught to anyone under 40.

Truthful 1

You could if you want but it has nothing to do with Jesus’s teachings or the Bible. If you believe in Jesus then you would be doing what Jesus asked of you and that would be doing the will of His Father and God says to have nothing to do with spiritism and astrology.
“Leaven is regarded as the symbol of corruption and impurity. The ‘yeast in the dough’ is one of the things which ‘prevents us from performing the will of God’ (Ber. 17a). The idea was greatly developed in the Kabbalah. The New Testament also refers to ‘the leaven of malice and wickedness’ which is contrasted with ‘the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth’ (1Â Cor. 5:8). Similarly the word is applied to what was regarded as the corrupt doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Matt. 16:12; Mark 8:15).
With the growing influence of mystical Judaism (Kabbalah), astrology was becoming more popular among Jews. Maimonides wrote: “Whoever is involved in astrology and plans his work or a trip based on the time set by those who examine the heavens is liable to be whipped . . . All these matters are lies and deceit . . . Whoever believes in these matters . . . is but a fool and lacking in sense.”–Mishneh Torah, “Laws of Idolatry,” chapter 11; compare Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy 18:9-13.


The Bible does not prohibit studying other religions, it only prohibits participating in their practices that go against the Christian law (Ten Commandments and teachings of Jesus), which includes worshipping their Gods. So studying is fine, participating is not.

Uncle Joe

I am Roman Catholic.
You can study anything without having to reject Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church strongly encourages education. What is not reasonable, however, is to flimsily study every new philosophy or religion that comes along and reject the last one you studied just because the one that is new to you is more exciting. That is not OK.
If you are going to study anything, it is wisest to go to the oldest and most original sources you can find. I would pay relatively little attention to modern writers until I first acquired a sound understanding of the origins of any significant religious matter.
Study carefully.
Peace be with you.


Because you study any subject, does not affect your faith in Christ… unless you allow it to.. There is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge. Where is the sin? To fight an enemy you must know that enemy… It is not what goes in a man that defileth him, rather what comes from him that defiles him, a man speaks what is on his heart


Dude. Most of the Kabbalistic organizations of the 20th Centurt were Christian groups…like the Golden Dawn and the Argentum Astrum. Make yourself a list of “mythological figures” associated with Tiphereth, see how many of them are either Christ, or remind you of Christ.


Religion’s Place In Our Lives
Posted on October 27th, 2008 at 3:45 pm
A question I received: You say that Kabbalah has nothing in common with religion. Then why don’t Christians, Muslims, and followers of other belief systems have books on Kabbalah? Didn’t they all come from the Jewish religion?
My Answer: Baal HaSulam writes that all people may keep their respective religions even after reaching the final spiritual correction – adhesion with the Creator. This is a sign that the external actions bear absolutely no relation to spirituality, even though many people want to attribute this to them.
… Kabbalists are in favor of preserving religion as a tradition or culture, as a nation’s framework and way of life. At the same time Kabbalah says that we should complement this way of life with the attainment of the Creator – which is the purpose of man’s creation and his perfect state.


Jesus was talking only about love,true love…the top of kabbalah is about the same……religion is religion,G-d is G-d.Is love religion???


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