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Can I speed up the scab healing process?

I have a big scab on my knee, covers about a third of the knee cap. I did it snowboarding the other day. It’s a dark brown scab with yellowy bits and it’s red all around it.
I’m wearing a dress at a wedding in three weeks and want to get rid of it. I’ve been moisturising the scab skin but was wondering if there are any other ways?


  1. Keep it as dry as possible (don’t cover it with a plaster).
    Wear some shorts and lie out in the sun 😉
    All a scab is, is conjealed blood. All the blood in the area clots in a bid to protect the wound from further infection. If you keep it moist, the blood won’t conjeal. Moisturising is probably the worst thing you can do. Just leave it alone and it’ll heal.

    • Studies show that dry scabs impede skin cell growth therefor moisture is better. Keep it covered. Use zinc oxide and exercise for circulation . Try taking tumeric and eat extra vitamin c foods and Salmon.

  2. You can go to a doctor and let him handle the wound properly.
    You can wash your wound with hydrogen peroxide and suffer more pain if its your cup of tea. Warn your neighbors beforehand to avoid anyone calling in the cops.
    You can wash it with saline solution but still it will be slow in healing.
    You can try to find a malunggay tree (plant). Ask any Pinoy if they have one in their backyard. The Ilocanos usually do. After locating one, ask for the leaves. Crush them in mortar and pestle (or anyhow), squeeze the juice straight to the wound. Leave it there for a day. It will look messy but the wound heals up better and faster.

  3. i had a huge scrape on my shin a couple of weeks ago. put cocoa butter or a & d ointment after it scabs up. it worked for me…

  4. Keep it clean, wash it with water and soap only, apply a triple antibiotic ointment on it. Do it at least twice a day, infection prolongs healing time. Then hide the remaining redness on the wedding day with make up.

  5. zinc oxide cream and supplements ,magnesium supplements neosporin, some say cover it with a bandage as moisterizing is better and quicker healing, other’s say dry it out. personally to ensure no scarring, moisterize with either the above creams. when it does heal, and if there is a scar use cocoa butter or maderma, with zinc oxide supplements and cream and exfoliate .can cover it up with makeup too. scars actually take a long time to heal, had one on my cheek from the time i was 2 i am now 28 body is constantly healing itself even years later, it is gone even looking with a high magnifying microscope don’t see it, stretch marks are a scar too, my mom had a billion of them growing up she also used to have saggy skin, , now she doesn’t have a single one. of either took her two years of effort (vitamin e oil, other creams , multi vitamin, herbs, eating healthy, exercise, , exfoliation, and keeping well hydrated with h20 and she smokes like a chimney, so many non surgical ways to heal and change things (egyptions used bangages to change the shape of the nose) , surgery should always be the last option,unless a severe accident. (realize i went off topic, sorry i do have adhd maybe what i say can help someone else)so left what i typed)

  6. I just got one today but with lots of help (thank you internet) I’ve figured out how to make it go away in at least 3 days.First wash your face and hands.Then apply hand sanitizer which will help kill bacteria and make the scab clean.rub it in. Then put a aloe vera gel on it. don’t rub it in just puts glob of it on the scab before you go to bed. then the next morning all of the scab probably won’t be gone so put on olay cream.Rub it in . Then in the afternoon put on cocoa butter leave a small glaze on so you can see the yellowish colour. Then do the handsanitizer and aloe vera again. DONT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HAND AND…… WHILE ITS HEALING DONT PICK IT OR TOUH IT!Hope this helped.


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