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Can I see people's auras?

when I see people, there is a thin outline of white surrounding them. When they run, I can see it moving with them, sometimes getting held behind but always catching up. Are these people’s auras?
Also, It occurs with animals, even insects (important detail I forgot to add. haha.) I’m actually watching a spider right now and can see the light around it.


  1. This is actually very interesting. You may actually be able to because there are people who can. But it can be some other things. Your eyes may be a bit sensitive to light which cause strange looking refractions in your vision. But if this only occurs when looking at people, I’d look into it!

  2. Everything has an aura though..
    If you could see people’s auras, you can see the aura of just about anything. (If it’s living, like a tree for example.)
    If you can see auras, try other things.
    It’s most likely just an illusion like thing.
    I can easily look at something for more than a couple seconds and see that “aura” like thing glow around them.
    It’s all in the head; unless we are really seeing the auras of things, which I highly doubt.

    • why are u on a website like this if u doubt something like auras lol that’s like a fundamental aspect of anything related to spirituality. anyway, yes some people are more sensitive to lights etc, but other people Do see auras just like some people are more in touch with their intuition (pychics). However, ppls auras are not always white..in fact if they are white they are very pure and very enlightened..so to speak. what you should try is to look at people who have a dark or light background behind them..like a public speaker or someone and stare right at them (not in a creepy way..so a person further away would be better) and see what colors u see surrounding them. i see auras sometimes so i know what u mean. but i’ve seen yellows and blues too.

  3. could be a visual anamoly. some people see “shadows” on letters while reading. have you had your eyes checked lately? sometimes iv seen auras, but generally its just body heat.


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