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can i really see auras?

when i was younger, i could see this unexplainable thing around people( like a wierd clear air thing). I would ask them “whats that around you?” but they would just ignore me( i was like 7 or 8) or say “what are you talking about?” or they would just call me crazy So a couple of years ago someone told me theyre called auras and he told me that i was gifted with that ability. Now i can see more color than i used to because i googled it on how to practice looking at auras. And i cant decide if its just me or am i really able to see them. Please dont ask on how i see them its kinda unexplainable but if u ask this is how i see them: if i close my eyes its easier to see colored ones when i see a dark one it usually means they have somthing wrong or theyre sick onetime i saw a really tall one at Cabela’s and it was full of colors i dont think i explained anything but i hope it gives you an idea of how to see them


  1. Auras are just an illusion, there is not actually anything there to see. Some people ‘see’ them by staring at something for too long – this is called retinal fatigue. Other people see them because they have health issues. If you are not fixedly staring at something and seeing them by making your eyes tired you should consult your doctor about it.

  2. yes from the description you gave above your talents are very similar to mine and that yes you are one of the few that actually possess this rare gift

  3. They are quite easy for most people to see (even critics).
    You do not need to stare or have fatigued eyes, there is a method that shifts the visual focus and can be done at any time.
    I explained how to do this and worked with practicing with a friend and she would do this as practice and amusement while working as a cashier when times were slow in the store.
    Most people do it with the eyes open.
    Dark areas that show between couples who are close enough that their auras touch or overlap can also show relationship problems and if someone is alone it can also be a sign of emotional problems, concern or distress.
    Each person needs to find their own understanding and interpretation for how they see the aura because it can be seen differently by different people at the same time. It becomes a matter of the persons individual ability, experience and personal interpretation. The colors are a rationalization created by the person looking at the aura. This may sound like I am saying it is imaginary to a critic but that is far from accurate. What this means is that different people deal with different things in different ways and when it comes to something outside of the standard perception or experience it may be adapted in its perspective on a personal level. This is one of the problems with testing, it may be altered by the particular situation and is easy to become disoriented with the perceptions when a level of stress gets raised and what may be seen one way at one time can be seen differently at another or by a different person who is in a different level of stress, health and mood.
    Having the ability to see them is not rare. Taking it seriously and learning to understand your personal way to work with it is. You may choose to try looking at plants and animals, this can be interesting. Watching the movement between people and even the shits within one persons aura such as when they read, concentrate on something or talk on the telephone is also good practice.

  4. If you get/got a letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11, it was probably auras.
    Otherwise you are just a crazy muggle.

  5. It might be what is called synesthesia. You don’t see auras, you see people and things with extra-colours. I will tell you that some people even hear some sounds with colours.

  6. No one has ever been able to show auras actually exist. So you’re claiming you can tell if someone is there with your eyes closed? Great, that’s a testable claim. The JREF will give you a million bucks if you can tell if someone is in front of you while you’re blindfolded, or possibly identify the person by their aura. And they’re making this wager because no one has ever been able to do that. So go apply for it.

  7. Auras are very real and it certainly sounds like you have the ability to see them. Don’t worry about the critics, people often mock and fear what they don’t understand – its only human nature. Each color has its own meaning and by reading them you can see a lot about someone. FYI all living things have auras including animals and plants.
    I do have an article I wrote on the colors and their meanings if you are interested.


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