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Can I really read auras?

When I look at someone, their fingers have color coming out of them. Sometimes its a murky yellow or other colors. I searched up the meaning of my friend being murky yellow, and its said they are jealous. My best-friend really WAS jealous. So, am I reading auras or not?


  1. Really? Well there is a million dollars waiting for you if you can simply prove it. Or is your say so good enough? If you can really see auras you may have a vision or brain disorder. I’d see a doctor.

  2. auras are not real. There is a real way to see a persons energy. and it gives you instant results you dont need to question what you have seen. you see with your entire body and stop the world around you. You need to stop the world to see. its the only way. If you have not stopped the world you are not seeing.


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