Can i put a cream resin buddha statue in a tropical aquarium?

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I’m setting up a tropical aquarium like this

I can’t find a uk pet store that sells buddha ornaments so i thought that since most aquarium ornaments are made of resin i could just buy any resin buddha ornament and put it in the tank? I’ve found a white buddha on ebay which is listed as being made out of cream resin, if i put it in the tank will it harm the fish?

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i have the power

you cant put resin in an aqurium, it will start to crumble and may harm your fish


You shouldn’t. It could start to come apart and harm your fish. I would try getting one online or personal message the guy on youtube and see where he got his.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Jack B

Anything that is not natural to tropical fish environments should not be put in with them. I have a Buddah in my garden but i would not endanger tropical fish with it.


Most aquarium ornaments are made from polypropylene.
Are you willing to do the vinegar test? If it’s still in one piece after a week in vinegar then presume it’s safe after rinsing. If it isn’t you have wasted your money.


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