Home Discussion Forum can i practice magick as a christian-wiccan?

can i practice magick as a christian-wiccan?

im 13 and want to know in Future weather i can practice magick,or if ill be offending the Bible and the wicca community


  1. No you won’t offend, because technically, Jesus did magic as well, the Bible just calls them “miracles”. Being able to turn water into wine is by no means a miracle. But if you look at the acts Jesus did, some can be seen as magical. And there’s no harm in doing research in wiccan, God doesn’t condemn us if we are curious and want to learn about other stuff.

  2. At 13, you need to be doing as much learning as you can. for the most part, (I’m not saying all people) people that consider themselves pagan/christian mixed typically don’t stay that way for very long. the two belief systems generally contradict each other. for those that it works for, then more power to ya’ll 😉 the bible talks about stoning witches and how witchcraft is bad. Most Wicca believe in a dual God/dess, not the singular Abrahamic God. The two systems just don’t really mesh very well.
    My answer? Believe what you chose to believe when you’re old enough to do so. If it works for you, then so be it. You will no doubt, eventually offend SOMEONE, somehow, somewhere, no matter what you believe (or don’t believe). just, be yourself.
    BB )O( STB

  3. I’m pretty sure the Bible is against magic…unless their god does it-it’s a very hypocritical book.
    Try paying more attention in science.

  4. No, you cant be christian. Of course – you’ll be told you can do and be whatever you want. The point is, Jesus will not recognize your beliefs. He’ll love you though, no matter what.
    Also, understand that Jesus would tell you that magic will open the door to evil spirits in your life. This is not good for you. Just don’t forget the name of Jesus, whatever you do.

  5. ok, first, it is really hard to be a christian who practices magic or a Christian Wiccan, mostly because of that whole “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” and and the “thou shalt have no other god before me” and “thou shalt not worship another god for I am a jealous god. as for the offending the Christian and Wiccan communities, yes, you are going to offend ALOT of people on both sides. the Christians will excommunicate (ban) you. and alot, more than half most likely, of the Wiccans will do the same. I really suggest you look more deeply into both of them and chose one. if you want to do both, i won’t say that your doing anything wrong or bad, because it is your belief and no one has the right to say that anyone else is wrong since there is no real way of knowing until we actually die. I am just saying that if you do chose to walk both paths woven together, then you have a tough time ahead of you, you will either have to hide half of your believes at all times, or deal with the way the communities of the two religions are going to react to it. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you find what is right for you.

  6. Meh, don’t worry so much about offending people, life is too short.
    If you are interested in Wicca, then study up on it, see if it is right for you. Knowledge is a good thing to have and only you can decide what path is right for you.
    There are people who blend the two religions together, however the hybrid religion is neither Wicca or Christianity, but something different.
    Also I should point out Wicca is a religion, it doesn’t refer to practicing magic. A person can practice magic regardless of their religion and Christianity does actually have a history of its practictioners doing magic.

  7. No. The bible warns us against practicing any type of wicca,trying to contact the dead,psychics or anything that would fall in spiritualism. You will contact something but not anything good. I have a daughter your age and I understand the curiousity but instead of giving in,pray,claim the blood of Jesus.

  8. Christianity has its own forms of magick.
    It would be dishonest to follow Wicca just because you think it’s about magick.
    Christianity has hundreds of years of magical writings which are at your disposal…if magic is what you seek, why not seek it in the religion which you believe in, not pretend to follow another religion.
    Sure, Christian magic might not be what the ‘cool kids’ are doing at school, but why should you pretend to be something you are not.
    The Magical Writings of Thomas Vaughan:
    Greater Key of Solomon:
    Ancient Christian Magic:
    The Divine Synthesis and Realization of Magic by the Christian Revelation
    While there are bans against specific magical acts in the Bible, these books all detail magic allowed to Christians.
    If you believe in a singular god, Christ, sin, etc, please stay on your side of the fence and stick to CHRISTIAN MAGIC.


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