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Can i pick up negative energy from this? How can i cleanse myself now?

Me and a friend went hiking on some trails and we found an old foundation from a small house or shack or something. It was filled with old bottles and really antique looking shoes. I could feel the negative energy in this site. I’m back home now and i still feel just…not right….is it possible that i could have picked up some of the negative energy?
How can i cleanse myself of it FAST??
something was not right with this site. i would love to know what it was and what happaned there that made it feel so…sad…wrong….just plain eery.


  1. Take a bath to cleanse your body and thoroughly launder your clothes including your shoes.
    Sleep naked.
    Place a growing plant in the room where you sleep. The growing plant will absorb the negative energy. After the plant has noticeably grown plant the plant outside off your property.
    Find a vacant lot, public park. Don’t wanna pass the negative energy to a neighbor. You want the negative energy to be free to cross over.
    Report this place to the police. This may be a crime scene and a body may be buried there. Finding the body will lead to additional closure.

  2. If no one knows about the place you should alert somebody. As for the negotive energy thing, don’t belive it. It’s probobly just a feeling that you might have about the place. Did it scare you? What did you think when you saw it? Maybe you wanted to do something and you didn’t that’s why you have that feeling. And by the way plants do NOT absorb “negitive energy” they absorb carbon stuff and let out oxegen. That’s all they do.

  3. Negative energy is a metaphor, not an actual thing. It’s not a form of energy, it’s not something you can pick up, it’s just another word for a ‘bad feeling’. Do something to make yourself feel better – take a bath or something, that always works for me. But there’s nothing to ‘cleanse’ yourself of.

  4. Yes, at worst you may have an attachment…..but you probably absorbed some of the energy that was in the place. Take a bath with salt to cleanse yourself of the negativity. Light a white candle and pray to God to remove any negativity from you and your life. Ask Him to protect you from harm. Plants use oxygen at night….I dont’ know about this method, but African Violets diffuse negativity. Using sage by smudging is a Native American method of cleansing negativity.
    I strongly suggest you call your local priest or pastor and tell them what happened. You may be able to rid yourself of this energy by going to church.

  5. Go to church! Pray the rosary. If you don’t know how, tune into the Catholic channel and feel the words with all your heart. Go to church. God will protect you from harm and from things not of this world.

  6. You don’t need to report anything to the police, they have better things to do than listen to tales about negative feelings and scary old shoes.
    Have a cup of tea and a good lie down, I’m sure you’ll feel better once you’ve had a rest and realized that all this ‘negative energy’ stuff is just your imagination.


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