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Can I overcome my anxiety in talking to women with self-hypnosis?

I am 33 and single, and am still generally too shy to approach women in most situations, unless they are introduced to me. I have only had a few girlfriends over the course of my life and I am tired of being single. Would self-hypnosis be an effective way of reducing my social anxiety? My buddies all tell me to just “suck it up and go talk to such and such girl” but my buddies are all naturally outgoing and I don’t think they understand or appreciate how hard it is for me to do.


  1. Most guys fear the approach.
    Women are used to getting hit on. If you’re in a bar, they expect it regardless of how they react to you.
    The worst thing that can happen is nothing happens, and you walk away. Or she says no.
    Once you realize this, its not such a big deal.

  2. Yes, it can help. I’m a hypnotherapist who has helped men in your exact situation. I’d tell you to come see me, but since we are probably in different areas… I suggest you see one in yours. Here is a directory of qualified hypnotherapists…
    Good luck my friend

  3. u can just remember a couple conversation starters to help you and other than that, it isnt too bad, I got adhd and anxiety disorder, i think ocd and possibly some social anxiety too i dunno exactly what it is yet but the thing is that i cant ever think of anything to say to start a conversation,
    u could start by complimenting her and then introduce urself, get her name and then ask how shes doing, etc
    u can also get medication for anxiety, either prescription or i think if u smoke weed regularly then that cures anxiety, if u live in a state where they have medical marijuana then u could probably get one for that
    i think hypnosis would help but i dont know what exactly self-hypnosis is tho
    and the other person who answered about just knowing that the worst that could happen is that she says no, anxiety disorder isnt like that, its like u have irrational fears and crap that u cant control and stuff

  4. i had the same problem not too long ago..you haven’t mentioned how long you had this…in my case,it was a case of social anxiety/extreme fear/low self confidence which i suffered since age 15…now i am 24 male and have overcome 80% of it and nearing recovery..i can almost feel it..what worked for me?…subliminal videos-google “intelligent warrior subliminal videos”..i started using them last year july 2008 and felt the difference within weeks!.it worked for me when nothing else worked-prayer,affirmations,meditation-i tried all that and it didn’t work……Your anxiety like feelings are caused by your hidden subconscious thoughts and belief systems that you have accepted consciously or unconsciosly from others while growing up…The reason why I have made such quick and dramatic improvement is I found a tool which literally changes your subconscious thought patters..


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