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Can I make up tarot card meanings?

Okay so im having trouble memorizing the card meanings, so i was wondering can i like simplify the definition to make it easier to understand? For example: Death – Rebirth or End. Just something simple like that. Is that allowed?
Bonus: If you give a list of all the Tarot Cards with simplified meaning (one or two words) I will give you best answer and 20 points!


  1. Although the original Tarot Card Meaning was to keep secret records of history they have evolved over time to other uses as well. These days they are most popular with divination. The Tarot Card has also recently been used for playing games and gambling. They are also potent in casting spells. The more experienced will use the Tarot Card for casting spells, while others use the Tarot Card in paintings, gifts and even for decoration. There have spawned many different styles of the Tarot Card over the years with the most popular still being the Rider Waite Tarot card deck……..
    There are 78 cards to a tarot deck. This is made up of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana and the fool. Arcana is the plural form of the Latin word arcanum, meaning “closed” or “secret”.
    The fool is numbered 0. The major arcana which represent the original tarot deck are numbered 1 to XX1.
    The minor arcana are made up of 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 knights, four aces, and the cards numbered 2 to 10.
    Tarot Cards have originated from various countries. In the traditional Italian card, there are Swords, Batons, Coins and Cups. In more modern tarot card, the Batons are called called Wands, Rods or Staves. The Coins are called Pentacles. Because these days the Tarot Card serve many purposes there are a large variety of Tarot decks.

  2. You can shorten the meanings of different tarot cards so they are easier for you to remember. That isn’t the same as making them up. You can use tricks to remind yourself what the cards mean…that is just fine. I would like to help you with the meanings of the tarot but sadly unless I know which deck you are using I can’t just tell you their meanings. As different decks have different cards and so they have different meanings for the different cards. Sorry went on a bit there. Good luck remembering I know it can be hard. You will get used to them after awhile though and remembering will become easy.

  3. Don’t make them up, but on most decks (Rider-Waite is the most common) the cards are drawn with symbols of what they mean.
    0 Fool – Jump of Faith
    1 Magician – Opportunities and Talents
    2 High Priestess – Secrets Revealed
    3 Empress – Creation/Creativity
    4 Emperor – Authority and Ambition
    5 Hierophant – Teaching/Learning
    6 Lovers – Love and Choice
    7 Chariot – Struggle
    8 Justice – Justice/Balance
    9 Temperance – Sharing and Mixing
    10 Strength – Courage and Inner strength
    11 Hermit – Prudence / Patience
    12 Wheel of Fortune – Chance
    13 Hanged Man – Sacrifice to Gain
    14 Death – Transformation
    15 Devil – Materialism
    16 Tower – Out with the Old, in with the New
    17 Star – Hope and Inspiration
    18 Moon – Confusion
    19 Sun – Clarity
    20 Judgment – Resolution
    21 World – Success
    Cups – Emotion
    Wands – Creativity
    Swords – Knowledge and Intellect
    Coins/Pentacles – Material or Physical Things
    1 – Beginning or Upsurge of (suit)
    2 – Choice
    3 – Completion
    4 – Reap Rewards or Greed
    5 – Regret or Sorrow
    6 – Success or Moving away from strife
    7 – Choice, Challenge, or Competition
    8 – Something New
    9 – Satisfaction (except Swords – Fear)
    10 – Completion and Success due to Hard Work
    Paige – Small Beginnings or Naivety
    Knight – Welcome Change (Representative of Bachelors)
    Queen – Love of Something (Suit)
    King – Leadership over something (Suit)

  4. I think what you are referring to is keywords not made up meanings, and there are already many systems out there for this. If you only use one system you will probably miss out on other aspects of a card meaning.
    There are a few different systems listed here:

  5. I agree with Helen, you’re looking for a keyword system. There are tons of those all over the internet, books, and even the “little white books” that come with a deck. But it took me a long time to realize that it’s not just about memorizing a keyword system. If you draw a card that you’ve seen a million times, but something is standing out to you that doesn’t fit the keyword, then you should think about that. Also, cards can seem to change meaning by the other cards around them. A keyword system is a good base of information to start with, but after you feel comfortable with that, listen more to your intuition.


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