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Can I Make My Own Tarot Cards?

I really want to know more/learn how to use tarot cards; I am really interested in the subject.
Although, I was reading up on a site and they said that the deck should feel comfortable to you, and shouldn’t be something that bores you or doesn’t have a good connection, they won’t work as well. So I was wondering, could I make my own tarot cards? I can have the same basic designs so they still hold the same meanings, but with my own themes to it? Would they still work the same?


  1. Indeed you can. The medium of divination named “tarot Cards” are useless to one who does not know how to use them or does not feel comfortable using them. Some images may be far too obscure for you to divine any real message from. It is why we have so many varying tarot cards, each with different images.
    So long as the cards are the same in length, split into Major and Lesser Arcana, then it really doesn’t matter what picture is on the front. For the cards are man made, the power behind them is your own will, your own abilities to walk amidst the void and allow life itself to give you but a fleeting glimpse at what lies ahead. The future is always in motion, always changing, so never take what the cards say as “set in stone”.


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