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Can I leave my earrings out overnight once the 6 week healing period is finished?

I have had my ears pierced for 3 weeks now but I can’t get used sleeping with earrings in. My wife says that I should keep earrings in 24/7 for at least the first 6 months, I hope not because I can’t get used wearing them in bed.


  1. after the 6 week period you can take them out for the night but put dem back in in the morning otherwise they will close up….

  2. Yes. Once that healing period is over, you can take them out…leave them in…whatever you want to do. I leave them out for weeks at a time sometimes…then put them back in and leave them in for ages. Just depends what I feel like.

  3. Your wife is right you should wear something in your ears for the first 6 months 24/7. If you don’t the holes are likely to close up overnight. It is best to put you piercing studs back in at bedtime because the stem diameter is slightly larger on the piercing stud compared with other earrings, that keeps your holes nice and free. Stick with it, you will get used to it, although I have to say it never bothered me I had my ears pierced when I was 7 and I think I wore earrings night and day for at least 3 years after that.

  4. Hi.
    The first time I got my ears pierced, I waited the 6 weeks, a bit longer even, and then took them out and left them out overnight. The next morning, they felt as though the holes had closed over and it was very painful trying to put them in, so I couldn’t do it. I then had to wait until the holes had healed to get them done again, this time I took them out for a few hours after 6 weeks but put them in over night. I would suggest doing this until you can easily take them in and out. Now I can leave earrings out for weeks/months and the holes don’t close. (My ears have been pierced for about 4 years now)
    But, if you are not bad with pain, then yes you can take them out at night but be prepared for the stinging the next morning until your ears are used to it. Antiseptic spray is a must.

  5. I’d say no. In the first six months to a year after I got my ears pierced, the holes would shrink a little even if I left my earrrings out for two or three hours. Overnight they’d practically close. After the 6 week period, however, you could but some new, smaller earrings which might irritate you less.

  6. im in the same problem i have cheer for 3 hours 2 a week dose anyone know if its ok to take them out them after having them for three weeks

  7. No you got to leve them in because if you don’t your holes will close up and it will hurt to get them periced again my sister emily got her ears
    PIRCRED and hers got infetded and in beded

  8. No you got to leve them in because if you don’t your holes will close up and it will hurt to get them periced again my sister emily got her ears
    PIRCRED and hers got infetded and in beded
    Yes you can after the 6mothns are up

  9. My daughter took her earring out for the night after 6 weeks and we could not get the earring back in the next day! She was so sad. Now she will have to get them re pierced.

  10. Mine bleeded the first time I took them out ( after 7 weeks) and I just kept treating to them, but still, if you wanna risk taking Em out, do, but if you want to risk needing to repiece, that’s your choice, but don’t worry about the pain, it goes away after a hour or two, worry about the money your spending!!!!

  11. Once you get them pierced you leave them in for 6 weeks then you can change them out after that you want to leave any earring you want for 6 months you can change them out during those 6 months after the six mothers you don’t have to wear them anymore!! Hope this helped!

    • Really? I’ve had mine in for 1-2 years at least. I took mine out right before the 6wk healing period (say 1-2 days before) and switched the earrings for another pair for the weekend (really cute dangly ones for a family barbecue – after the one day I put my original piercing studs in – my lobes were pierced with a piercing gun – and the Sunday was the same replacing the studs with the same dangly earrings and back again) and apart from that I’ve taken the left one out a couple times (was infected 2x and I needed to let the piercing “breathe” a little – and the 2nd time I put coconut oil to help clear up the infection and the 2nd time I forgot to replace the earring and went on holiday – pretty sure it’s closed – hopefully it can be reopened not repierced – and the one on my other ear seriously hurts when I try put an earring in (I took it out for one day while I had an MEG scan as part of a research study) and I’m worried it is closed up. Sounds crazy but can’t get an earring in it at all without it stinging. So I think it depends on the person. You can’t just take them out after 6m or whatever. I mean you can but you have to put earring back occasionally otherwise they will close up.

  12. I changed mine out after a week and I kept those in for 5 weeks now and I got an infection from them and cant get earrings back in. Do not take them out.

    • Mines was like that . so I used the solution 3-4 times a day after I got them back in & twisted them gently to make sure they don’t get stuck & waited 6 more weeks & they were just find . just make sure how you put you clothes on or who your around

  13. I just got my 2nd piercing like 4 weeks ago on this day and I really want to sleep without them but my dad says (no) and I’ve treated them for those 4 weeks they even had gotten infected and bleeded and the bleeding stop can I still sleep with out them since they’re not infected anymore and put any earring on???

    • You should wait for about 6 weeks before changing your earnings out for other ones because not all earrings have the same sized rod. I had my my earrings for 4 weeks when I thought I could switch them out and the rod was smaller and so when I tried to put back in my other ones it hurt because the hole shrunk a little from not being completely healed.


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