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Can I learn to read the Tarot by myself or do I need an expert to help me?

I want to learn how to read and be able to foresee the future accurately. I don’t know if I can just learn how to do it by myself by reading books or online materials. If so, can you recommend good sites or book titles?


  1. you can do it yourself but you also have to practice magick rituals to get into the proper mind-set. I’ve been struggling on my own but I finally have the technique. I can only do tarot when I envision Keter (the link the the Divine, Source Of All Things) sending energy straight down my left arm while I shuffle.

  2. I bought a deck recommended for beginners, and went to http://www.learntarot.com and started working. It takes a long time to get comfortable with and memorize the card meanings. Most books offer too much information for a beginner to absorb, just go to every tarot website you can find, read the articles they suggest for beginners and take notes. Little by little it will tie itself together and start making sense. Keep it simple, don’t try to do big spreads at first because there is just too much going on and you will get confused. I was lucky to find a tarot mentor to talk to and she has helped a lot – after you get started maybe you could find someone on craigslist or something similar to answer questions. I don’t really feel that tarot cards “foresee the future” – I think they can guide you toward or away from different outcomes, but you have to do the work, make the choices. I have gotten a lot out of my tarot learning experience but there is a lot of time involved.

  3. You have two different questions here. I’ll start with your first question.
    No, you don’t need an expert to teach you how to use tarot. A book on ways to study the tarot can be very helpful though. Just about any book that teaches training in tarot can be helpful because the training methods are all very similar and the cards themselves are essentially the study guides. If the book tells you to study each card and write in a journal about it, it’s a good book… all the rest of the info it contains is just bonus.
    Learning how to foresee the future accurately is not the same as using tarot. Tarot isn’t a glimpse into the future, it’s an intuitive tool. No one can see the future accurately and no one can teach you how to do so.

  4. No you don’t need to an expert to learn tarot. I didn’t have anyone teach me just one book a lot of practice and I’ve been reading 20 years!
    Believe it or not a good book to read for beginners is 2nd edition of the Idiot’s Guide to Tarot. As far as websites go, check out Yahoo! Groups there are a lot of on line Tarot communities with many people willing to give you more insight and guidance if you feel you need it.


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