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Can i jump higher or run faster if I focus my chi energy to my feet?

Im tired of focusing chi on my hands…now I want chi to help me in sports and stuff. please help me…


  1. something tells me that you are not nearly disciplined enough to begin focusing your Chi, grasshopper. Why don’t you move to China where masters can teach you about focusing your Chi. Then you will be able to chop down big mountain with foot.

  2. you cant use chi for make higher or run faster before you can control your chi. After you can control chi, you can make spectakuler movement.
    Chi can control with breath and mind control training

  3. Beautiful are the “feet” of those who preach PEACE.
    Peace is ‘higher’ than division and not peace ‘on high’.
    Peace is ‘above’ law vs law and law vs grace divisions.
    Eg: Pauline Epistle Format (frm the top dwn approach)
    Head: Greeting of Grace & Peace to U frm God & Son
    Body: a discussion of law vs grace in allegoric forms
    Feet: The GRACE of our Lord JC with you all. Amen.
    Note: the last Amen goes to the feet, to the conclusion,
    when considering what’s frm God and frm Jesus Christ.
    Beautiful are the “feet” that do the grace run unto peace,
    is as if an end “run” along “with patience” in Hebrews 12.
    So patience isn’t walking, but “run”-ing the human “race”.
    So, may your grace us feet do the end “run”: Heb 12,
    by dropping the weight(law) that so easily besets, to
    pick up the pace of the race, run along with patience,
    hastening to day of God, not day of the LORD: 2Pet3,
    for the day of the LORD is darkness, not light: Amos 5,
    and making it to the end, alive unto God, is “grace” only:
    The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
    So yes, Jump higher, Run faster, Do the end “run”,
    with grace us merciful feet, unto peace for you & all,
    you and all the kingdom of God located “within you”:
    Grace –> Mercy –> Peace to you all from God & Son.


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