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Can I instantly perform magic?

Like can I do a black magic incantation or something and it gives me EXTRAORDINARY powers to use at will? I’m totally serious. Like I don’t mind training to have power but I feel like most stuff on the internet is BS. So if not then it’s ok but I feel like there’s a black magic spell,ritual,incantation that can grant me supernatural powers. No selling my soul to the devil though!


  1. if it were that easy then every one would do it…
    you need to get your head out of the clouds and do some actual research on what black magic realy is.

  2. I would never tell you how to use black magic because its evil I might tell you wight magic but no I wont but I will tell you how to use simple magic (well its sort of magic).
    It might be a bit late for you depending on your age but you never know but magic is usally learnd at a young age such as 2-6
    years of age.
    Ok this might take years of mind training but if you are devoted to learning magic.
    You see everyone only uses a small portion of there brain about 20%
    but if you read books and use your brain more and pay atention to your surroundings you will be able to perform Teleconesise or Phyconesis it is basicly using your mind to move and even push objects at a high speed with your mind.
    Most children only learn this by having horrible parents that dont pay attention to you and you seek attention so you might start reading lots of books using your brain and rising the usage to about 45% after a year or to and you should be able to do a small teleconesis or phiconesis and if you keep training your mind you might even learn telepathy and that is very rude but usful at times.
    So basicly train your mind use it embrace it.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. i think in due time you could, but you need to be a true practitioner of magick. You need to be very learned and attuned to it…after being able to successfully cast spells for quite a while when first becoming a true caster, i think it can lead into mastery and instantaneousism if you practice and use magick daily.

  4. No. Magic is NOT an instantaneous thing to use for instant gratification. Nothing happens in an instant. You cannot gain “Special Magical Powers” either. There are no powers, you can’t shoot lightning or fire from your hands, read other people’s minds, predict lottery numbers, levitate, etc… that’s all hollywood hogwash.


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