Home Discussion Forum Can I have some tips on p-shifting, m-shifting, meditation, and astral projection?

Can I have some tips on p-shifting, m-shifting, meditation, and astral projection?

I’m studying some meditation, and looking for tips on some of the different kinds.
P-Shifting- Got some positive results, but didn’t shift very much.
M-shifting- I think I got some of my spirit guardian’s instincts, but it was hard.
Meditation- I’ve become very relaxed, but kept getting disturbed by loud noises.
Astral Projection- Not really any luck, too much noise in the house.
Don’t call me crazy >.>
So, any tips?


  1. I have never heard of M-shifting or P-shifting. I have studied many forms of meditation over the past 35 years or so in different contexts. The preliminaries of meditation involve quieting the mind. You begin with relaxed deep breathing exercises and then either sit quietly in an upright posture and watch the mind or else focus on the breath, a word (mantra) or simple image. There are esoteric forms of meditation to move psychospiritual energy within the body but the inexperienced should not dabble with this and preparation and mind training is required before it is practiced anyway.
    There are western and shamanic forms of meditation that have to do with light trance visualization of Inner worlds that are traversed through a kind of free-association of thoughtand imagery. In these forms of meditation, “spirit guides” can be accessed, but they are archetypes and extension of consciousness, not otherworldly beings, generally speaking. To do this, be in a comfortable position. Some people like to listen to music or create an environment that sets a mood. A preplanned enviroment is imaged being entered and the meditator wanders through it and observes and interacts with it as if in a dreamscape.
    I’ve worked with all of these forms of meditation.
    Astral projection as an OBE is caused by a paroxysm in the parietal lobes of the brain that causes an abnormal perception about self and location. It is not a separation of “the soul” from the physical body. It occurs in people with epilepsy and schizophrena and in 10% of normal people and can be learned by normal people. When learned and used in the context of meditation, occulitsm or shamanism, it is a more radical form of Inner Plane visualization, mentioned above. To do it, a person has to practice projection of an idea of having a double outside of him or herself and then identifying with the limbs and features of that double until perception shifts to it. I have not worked with this technique nor have an interest in it.

  2. To astral project, you must learn to meditate.
    Just remember, if the brain has power to change how water molecules look…. thought can do about anything.
    This is the world of thought, just as the astral realm is.
    Ok, first you need to get a quiet place to practice. Next, a clear mind is not neccesary….. just remember, you need 100% sleepy body and 100% Near quiet mind……. meaning you can just count 1, 2, 3, 4…… and still ap.
    There are many ways of astral projecting…. you have to just search for different techniques or make up your own………… find what’s BEST FOR YOU.
    Good luck.

  3. Try Hemi-sync to aid in astral projection.
    Or listen to some very soothing meditative music at very low volume and concentrate on breathing and relaxing. Relaxation is the most important aspect in astral projection.
    Here is a yahoo group:
    William Buhlman is an excellent author:
    Here is a site that sells hemi-sync CDs.
    I have had the most sucessful projections after about 4.5 hours of sleep, which is three 90 min sleep cycles. It seems to work best then.
    Try not to move too much or at all when you wake up.
    If you can set an alarm that stops after a minute or so by itself and remain motionless, you will have much greater success. Your whole body will remain relaxed. You should lay on your back. The room should be pitch black if possible. Also, try to be alone in the room. This helps, but is not completely necessary.


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