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Can i have some kind of psychic power?

most of the time i can see places and images in my dreams then later in reality. and VERY, VERY, rarely, i can read a person’s thought. this is stupid, but can i have a psychic power?

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  1. no i think not i mean read people’s mind?? no i think its in your head not that ur crazy cuz i have wat said first about seeing images in my dreams and then seeing them in reality but a psychic power?? no

  2. Absolutely. In fact, every person has some degree of a sixth sense/ psychic power, and you are just lucky if you notice it and acknowledge it when its there. If you want to try a relaxing hypnosis session, or guided relaxation off of YouTube, I find those help in the frequency of psychic abilities showing themselves.

  3. Psychic abilities exist only in movies.
    I have studied the brain down to the smallest cells..and there is nothing that can give you psychic abilities.
    Everybody thinks they have a special psychic ability. Let’s see, the average person has about 1,500 dreams a year, chances are one of them is going to happen in reality…coincidence.
    If all your 1,500 dreams come true, then advertise your “special ability”…but no, there is no such thing as psychic abilities.
    I know a lot of people who claim their dreams are premonitions, that they can read minds, that they can read people’s emotions…but really, that’s just because they get a big head for every coincidence that occurs.

  4. i am going to school for psychiatry and i believe i do have some kind of abiltiy not gift or power ability. i can sense emotions of those around me i can feel sometimes what others are feeling when i concentrate on a specific place i can see things that are in that place but very fuzzy and blurry. i have no ego but i do know i need to develop this ability. i have studied psychology too and psychic abilities do exist


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