Can I have a spiritual awakening with punches, armbars, chokes and kicks?

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I think I can do you agree?

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No, but you can have a spiritual awakening by pushing yourself to the limit mentally, physically, and emotionally; by facing your fears and conquering your worst side in order to become something better than what you are. Many feel that martial arts is a way to achieve that.

Frank the tank

Sure man, whatever floats your boat.
Let us know how you do it.
good luck!

Big Foot

Why not, yes you can 😀

Judo Chop

You can have a spiritual awakening sitting on the crapper, why not doing what you’ve said above!
An awakening normally happens under situations of incredible duress… i.e. near death or life and death situations.


i greatly agree….cuz in the end, everyone likes causing pain on another fellow human….so yea….a spiritual awakening is in sight for u….




Sure if you get knocked out, choked out. You’ll see stars, colors,and all sorts of strange things and have a sense of euphoria and peace you’ve never experienced before….or maybe a little bit too much in this case.


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