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Can i go to a normal yoga class or does it have to be a pregnancy yoga class?

just wondering as i know some of the moves in the normal yoga may not be suitable for pregnancy.
just having a look online to see if i can find a class anywhere.


  1. I think it depends if you have done yoga before. When I was pregnant I did yoga at an amateur level, so just talk to a yoga teacher or your doctor to see if you can do it.

  2. Certain twists and bends are not appropriate for pregnant women. Take one prenatal yoga class to learn what’s safe, then apply it to a regular class, if you wish.

  3. The poses you can do vary greatly from trimester to trimester, and something that is OK one day can be risky the next. At the very least get a prenatal specific DVD and/or book, but a real class by someone certified specifically in prenatal would be best for both of you.
    I have been practicing fairly seriously for a number of years, and I am training to be a yoga instructor, but if I were pregnant I would DEFINITELY head to a prenatal class. In fact, I’m looking at getting prenatal certification just in case!


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