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Can I get a little help with the succubus quest in world of warcraft?

I can’t seem to find the two guys who’s pure hearts I need to get for the succubus in world of warcraft. One of them is located at the greymane wall and one is “taking care of refugees in the wetlands” can someone give me good directions on how to get to the wetlands and greymane wall [more specifically the two pureheart guys] from the undercity. [good direction example would be, start out by going to the zepplin and after you land go south untill you see… then take a right etc.] thanks in advance for anyhelp !


  1. i did that quest a long time ago, so i dont have a direct answer, but go to http://www.wowhead.com , it’s a really amazing site with an extremely great search engine. type in any key word and it’ll start to bring up the results immediately.

  2. The Wetlands can be tricky to get to as Horde, but if you’re starting in Undercity you’re better off.
    Head South through Silverpine Forest and Southeast through Hillsbrad Foothills. Enter Arathi Highlands (East of Hillsbrad), and in the Southernmost center of the zone there is a small passage that will take you to the Wetlands.
    The Greymane wall is in Silverpine Forest, so you might want to start with Dalin and then head South.
    They’re a bit tricky to find, but not too bad. Best of luck!


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