Can i do yoga for an hour and follow it with a 30 minute walk?





hi ,
I need to lose tons of weight(but not super fast most ppl want to) . I have been gymming abt 5 days /week since last 2 months (with no great results as of now ) but I am actually bored and tired of the dull routine .I am thinking about doing Gym or ( yoga + by a 30 mins walk ) every alternate day to enjoy my workout and get some results.


  1. I am sure that will be fine.
    Make sure you do rel-event stretches before hand and drink a good bit of water.
    Just don’t push yourself TOO far and you should be grand!
    Best of luck with your exercise

  2. Do not reduce yoga to the level of an exercise. Yoga is complete in itself. You can achieve whatever you want through yoga if done properly and with determination.

  3. Eat better. It’s like 90% Diet and %10 Exercise. I have tried to loose weight many different ways but unfortunately we can’t all be Kendra (Girls of the playboy mansion) and eat whatever we want. Find to two main fattiest things you eat such as butter and cheese (mine) and avoid them eat a good breakfast snack on fruit and nuts healthy lunch no takeaway and have a smaller dinner than lunch – fist sized portioned. that’s the first step eating healthy don’t even call it a diet because diets end this wont it is a way of life to make you HEALTHY. My advice Don’t join a gym instead get a personal trainer see them one a week or fortnight whatever you can afford. Gym’s are a waste of money and you’ll prob go for a month and then stop and have to keep paying $60+ a month to go once or twice. Run at night pump yourself up with an mp3 and i swear you will enjoy go different routes and than come home put on the music and do some crunches, push up’s and squats.
    Squats are one of the best exercises to do using nearly all of your muscles at the same time. most importantly NEVER GIVE UP cause you are worth it.

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