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Can I do Yoga and study a Martial Art before going to Boot Camp in the USMC?

Would doing yoga and studing kungfu help me out in anyway before I go to boot camp? Or is it just a waste of time?


  1. Excercise and martial arts are great ways to prepare. I was a martial artist before I joined the Corps. It helped me greatly. it should do well for you, if you remain focused.

  2. Yes, it will start to get you in shape and practice dedication, which both come in very handy during BT.

  3. Why would it be a waste of time? Those are both things you can use-whether you are in service—or not-and can be tailored just for you-no matter your age.
    It’s never a waste of time to do someting good for yourself.

  4. First – thank you for the service you are about to embark upon for our Nation, I for one appreciate and commend your efforts.
    Second – the Yoga will be the most important thing you can do for yourself. During Boot Camp your time of introspection and reflection will be almost wholly removed from you. It is important for your mental well being you have something to revert to when what little opportunity presents itself. It will also assist you in your concentration during live fire exercises and help you work through some of the “characters” you will soon meet.
    Lastly – the Martial Arts may be good exercise for now so I would recommend that too; however, it may be of less benefit to you than the Yoga. Your concentration, ability to use reflexes, and think on your feet will be the most important qualities you can take with you to the road you are about to embark upon.
    Mr. Alex Haley, Jr. once told me to “Never forget where you came from” and I will pass this on to you. At the end of every day you are still someone’s son or daughter – remember there are people who love you.
    The above is merely a suggestion from a former U.S. Marine who never once regretted his service and still considers himself a member of the Marine Family. Spat upon a couple of times I wore that with a badge of courage too – because after all what is freedom if you can’t accept the “flip side of the coin”.
    Semper Fi and Best of Luck to you!

  5. First off, I would like to thank you for your future services to our country. God Bless.
    Next, I don’t think it’s a waste of time. Just make sure you are aware of the amount of physical activity at USMC boot camp. My older brother is at boot camp and he made sure that he knew exactly how much was expected and he trained for a good year or two before leaving. Now he tells me it’s easy and actually fun for him because he was well prepared.
    I would say go for it, but make sure that you understand the other aspects and that you’re sure you can keep up.
    I’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck!!!


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