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Can I do some spells like what a witch does?

I am serious. I heard witchcraft is true and I want to cast spells for curiousity not for anything particular. I won’t abuse any power or anything but can I do it? Or must there be some unique person that can do it?


  1. it is physical impossible unless ur god
    Yes Witchcraft in some form is real but this is why back in middle ages/dark ages witches knew remedies found in day to day items and use it to cure people they also used gun powder to make fire etc
    aslo they were very odd because they danced in obvious wrong times to odd music
    sorry you cant, you only can if u do cures but then it is really just finding things to cure people withh

  2. Let’s say it IS real? Okay. Me telling you it’s not is not going to help you,but allow me to WARN you instead ok? I have done a lot of research on this subject along with esp along with other unworldly subjects.You will find that no matter what type of “spells” your going to cast you will need someone with experience and believe me when I say there are more than enough people out there willing to scam you.#2 You are not a “gifted” person.. seemingly you believe in witchcraft leads me to believe you also believe in spirits? This is a dangerous road your traveling,watch your step.

  3. Sure, you can make a loathesome brew and chant silly incantations in a sing song voice.
    Just don’t expect to produce any magical effects.

  4. This depends on what you believe a Witch can do. If you want to be able to summon fireballs, turn people into frogs, teleport from location to location – then stop reading now and give up. On the other hand if you aren’t that misguided, read on;
    If you want to learn Witchcraft, you should go to the bookstore and get books on it that have proper authors. “Witchcraft for dummies” for example, wouldn’t be a good choice. But anything by “Raymond Buckland” would teach you alot – although, he does write very long books. If you’re looking to do Witchcraft just to cast spells, maybe you’ll achieve a few low level things. But Withcraft is more of a way of life. An attempt to understand the universe in a different way to relying on God to tell you. By no means is it an opponent of Science – more of another way of studying it. The best example i could give, would have to be imagine Withcraft along the lines of the Buddhist belief in self enlightenment – High Magick IS pretty much the same as enlightenment.

  5. You can see the problem here straight away. In your own words, you ‘heard witchcraft is true’.
    Believing everything that you hear isn’t a good idea. A lot of stuff you hear isn’t true.

  6. Many Voodoo supply stores have little
    “spell kits” to satisfy the curious. They’re
    deliberately designed to be low power.

  7. It is true. But you can’t cast spells out of curiosity… Just like you can’t just pick up a guitar and sheet music and play a song out of curiosity if you never played an instrument.
    It is a Craft you learn; you are not born with it. If you want to learn, it begins with months, perhaps years, of reading, study and education in theory about the principle behind magic, correspondences, ethics, etc.
    And while you are doing that you must meditate daily to learn how to focus, alter your state of consciousness at will, raise and direct energy, etc.
    Witchcraft is only for the serious student; it’s not for dabblers or half-hearted attempts or for “testing.” It is a complex discipline– a skill that requires a lot of education, practice and mental preparation to become good at it.
    The people who take it too lightly (like thinking they can just follow spells on the internet like scripts) or make it sound easy or like something they are born with are just playing games, they never really get anywhere.

  8. My goodness. We have a couple of great answers and a whack of seriously miss guided ones. Witchcraft is not voo doo or satanism. It is real…not imaginary. If you would truly like to get an idea of what witchcraft is really about RESEARCH! It is not so much about spells as it is about a way of life. It is an ancient religion, Wicca, practised all over Europe before Christianity was brought by the Romans. A couple of resources I suggest are:
    A documentary done by The Canadian film board called “The Burning Times”. (hopefully you can download it or something). It is very well done and very eye opening.
    And I suggest a book called. “Wicca. A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” By Scott Cunningham. It is easy to read, very informative.

  9. Anyone can do magic. The results will depend on several factors, not the least of which is how much mental focus and energy you put into the spell. Doing magic without a real purpose is much like writing without paper: a lot of effort with no real results. Magic is a serious thing. Have a purpose, know what you truly want, and it will work.


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