Can I contact a succubus through a ouija board?

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I want to contact one and release it so that we may form a relationship together. Is this possible?

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Animlas are cool!

who or what is succubus and no you can not do that


contacting may be possible yes. a succubus is very dangerous though, I don’t understand why you wish to achieve this.
contacting to on through an ouija board is very possible, just keep trying, but keep in mind that spirits lie, don’t let them possess you either.. you can talk but please don’t let them take over you
one thing too is if you can’t find one in your current location, go to the next room, the next street, the next mountain, next city cemetery etc. spirits are everywhere. and sometimes it’s hard to communicate with only one if there are more then that in each room. oh i just found a good website i stumbled upon which this is very true for i’m very experienced with ouija boards i can’t explain it enough this girl says what must be said


Animals are cool, how can you say that if you don’t even know what one is.
but no, even if they did exist i don’t think it would be possible to turn it into something remotely human that you could have a relationship with…
nor can i think why you would want a relationship with a dead rapist…

Tanya. ♥

no, succubi are demons, they don’t have souls and ouija boards contact the souls of the departed, not demons.

Mike H

Even if it were possible.. This makes me laugh.
Succubi are known for manipulating humans into doing their will and by slowly (occasionally quickly) draining them of their energy through a kiss.
And you think one would happily fall in love with you? Lol.. If you succeed, PLEASE let me know so I can look up your obituary.
Someone who blatantly knows NOTHING about demonology should leave well alone.. But hell, failing that, at least you provide mild amusement.

Left Breathless

dude they will collect your seed and no tellign what they will do with your DNA.

Harrison H

Succubi are demons, You cannot choose them, they choose you.
They do not have relationships with men, they use you ONCE then change to an incubus So if your BI, a succubus will be right up your alley.
Additionally It is NOT good to have a one night stand with a succubus. You get it ONCE. It is not necessicarily pleasurable, and then because of your experience, you will not be able to “satisfy” a real woman after that. Once you have had a succubus, you will be “quick on the trigger” and every woman after that will be “disappointed”.
I don’t know about you, but one night is not worth giving up a lifetime of conjugal relationships with REAL women.


are you nuts?? you contact it .. it kills you end of story.. ouija boards are not toys.. there are worse things than a succubus that you might summon instead. throw it away and never use one again..!!!!


Worthy diary to see interest. A redeeming attribute is it to use or experimentation.


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