Home Discussion Forum Can I conduct myself to past life regression?

Can I conduct myself to past life regression?

Self Conducted Past Life Regression is possible? Is it dangerous? Have you ever tried this?


  1. i’ve never tried it..
    But it sounds like a Bullshit only..
    No need to waste your time on such things… Do something useful insted..

  2. There are no past lives. People who do “regression” are either responding to suggestions planted by their “therapist” or have lively imaginations.
    All documented cases of “regression” have been shown to be frauds.

  3. Yeah it’s just a self-delusion to think that you are remembering a past life. You just have a period in history that interests you, and you make the rest up yourself. The only danger is leading yourself down a path of self-delusion, which can result in some pretty odd behaviour, and ultimately be a profound waste of time. The best advice is to learn about the nature of the imagination, so that you don’t start down any more roads of delusion.

  4. There is no such thing, and anyone claiming to regress to a past life has a very big imagination and is very susceptible to suggestions.


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