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Can i believe what my palm reader says?

a few months back, i went and got my palms read by an Indian palm reader. My parents n brother came along n read their palms too. I was surprised how this palm reader was able to say so much things accurately abt me in say 10 mins. He told my parents that i have a mind, where thoughts disturb me and come into my head. i think and think all the time, and that i would sit on the study table to study and then thoughts come into my head and then i get distracted and wont study. he said i would be going overseas to study in the medical line, which was abolutely true as i had applied then and now im studying medicine in a western country. he said i am one person who studies when i feel of and sometimes i wont study although i am a brilliant person. this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. i am one of the top students in my primary n secondary school, although there were times i just SKIPPED my midterm exams n sat at home as i did not study or felt of and it was depressing. i failed my college A-Lvels exam and had to repeat before making the grade. then, he said to my parents she is a shaitan and he wanted to continue to say other things but my dad looked at him. he said, yes, yes she is a shaitan, a shaitan! thoughts always get into her head and after 12 midnight she wont sleep. others are asleep but she will be active and stay awake and sometimes just think. that is absolutely true as i was doing that for this past 3 years which made my parents get so angry and ask why i am so stubborn n bored. i was on computer/music after 12am. he said i will do very well and get 2 degrees which i hope to believe is true. he also said that i always had some sort of a hunger(im not sure exactly wat he meant), i have the appetite to eat but when mum says eat, eat i will say later later n keep postponing, and that is why im looking like this, he says. it is true. he also said my father is looking to buy a house, which is true as he was sith the hse agent 2 weeks back, though he ended up not buying.
he also said i am an angry/fierce person and always get angry etc, which is absolutely true which only my pare nts n bro know.i release my anger on them.

can u pls tell me how he knows so much about me?? i have been having a battle with my mind for years, which only i know how it took the hell out of me. i had no peace of mind. i felt a sense of relieve when he said about thoughts etc. how does he know so much and can i believe him like i will do well n get 2 degrees?

My question also is PLEASE tell me what he meant when he said i am a shaitan. that really made me upset. does it mean, that i am born a shaitan and am cruel, does it mean the shaitan is disturbing me or does it mean that when i feel empty n alone n hurt, i give room for the shaitan to come in me n dictate my mind.

Assuming that i believe n trust him n his statements, ple tell me what he means when he says i am a shaitan…am i a shaitan or do i allow the shaitan/spirits to disturb me etc when i am depressed as i prefer the latter.
ps: i have experienced sleep paralysis for the first time 6months b4 i got my palm read. i was so depressed due to failing A-levels.
i want to believe due to some life incidents.

pls be honest with me n share ur opinions. i will really appreciate it.


  • For those answerers that don’t know “shaitan” is Hebrew for “evil” just as sa’ tan is Hebrew for adversary.

    Now, the question. The lines, hills, and hollows of your hands tell of you. The reader is guided by the knowledge of centuries in the reading of Palms. Some actually have a talent as well as a rote memory from a book or mentor of what each guide in your hands means. Some just seek money from a small education.

  • I don’t know what shaitan means, so I can’t answer that one. But apparently this reader was very accurate with what he said because you are able to confirm most of it.

  • palm readers are conartists who feed off of your insecurities, their only value on society is for entertainment purposes. i didnt even bother reading your long explanation because no matter what you say they are con artists. any correlation between what they say and reality is based on chance, over broadness, or you interpreting them as such.

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