• Yes it will. The practice of yoga can make your body more flexible, giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion. It is widely known that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand. Everyone should stretch regularly as part of a general fitness regime. Yoga stretches not only the muscles, but also the joints. Yoga also helps to prevent muscle soreness and promotes faster recovery between whatever training sessions you give it. Yogic stretching is like a constant battery charger. It loosens tight muscles, which tend to trap lactic acid, the waste product that accumulates in the muscle cells during other hard training sessions apart from yoga that you may like to partake in.
    So good luck!

  • i did yoga for school, which was required, and i put no effort in it. at the end of the school year, i didn’t see any noticeable change. then i went to india with some friends, and took a yoga course in which we all tried to push ourselves. At the beginning, I couldn’t come close to touching my toes, but at the end, i was able to almost put my palms fully on the ground; all in ten days, compared to a year of lazily doing yoga. yes, you can, but really try to push yourself.

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