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Can i become flexible within days by doing yoga?

I was just wandering, if i do yoga for 35 mins a day, wut poses should i do to bacome more flexible? Also how many days will it take for me to become flexible if i do this?
Also i just started hatha yoga today with a dvd by yoga journal, so im just a beginner, but if i do this for two weeks, will i be able to touch my hands to the floor while standing, more easily?

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chaker s
chaker s

Look, it all depends on your consistency, and your curiosity to learn and practice more poses. Generally, speaking, yes you’ll be able to touch the floor using your hands more easily during 2 weeks. But go on, don’t stop!

By the way, I have a nice free yoga e-course for you, check it:


Arif H
Arif H

Every day we experience stresses, which test our strength. Majority of us spend the whole day at the

computer, in a stuffy room. And here we start to notice overweight, which we are eager to get rid, as it’s

summer! We have no time and forces to visit a gym, but we all want looking good. Is it close to you? So, what

to do?



Ben K
Ben K

If you’re doing the same 35 minute DVD everyday, you won’t work a variety of muscles and it will get tedious.

Check out http://www.yogatoday.com. They have free classes for every level. They add a new class every day, so that you work different areas of your body.