Home Discussion Forum Can I become "enlightened" by doing the mokey dance?

Can I become "enlightened" by doing the mokey dance?

I like to spell mokey m-o-k-e-y. Monkey.


  1. heh only if you attached a special meaning to it in your mind..if you think the monkey dance will make you enlightened..then it probably will.

  2. in one of the martial arts… there is a level of combat called.. ‘ the dance of the drunken monkey ‘
    so i suppose really… if you reach this level. and understand that the dance of the drunken monkey is designed to put fatigue and unballance into your opponant…. then, yes.. you will be enlightend..

  3. I like to say Moooooooky.
    Yes you jolly well will. You will pull a tendon jiggling all your wobbliness and the realisation will be that one must join the gym first before partaking in such escapades.

  4. I am not sure what the Mokey or Monkey Dance is exactly. Does it teach people that if they all stay in line they can have a good time, except for a few who are not allowed to have a good time under any conditions? If on the other hand, someone steps out of line, will he or she will not have one?


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