can I become a shaman if I haven't received the call?

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I am really interested in the way of the shaman. I have not received the call, but I would like to learn the shaman way anyways. I want to be able to help people and I feel like shamanism is the right way for me. Also are there any shamans near Port Huron, MI?

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If you feel it is the way for you then I dont see anything wrong about it. Just remember ” If ye harm none, do as ye will’
I am not an expert on shamanism so I am not fully versed in what the call might be but, maybe your desire to experiment with shamanism is that call for you. Not everyone will have a dream of a spirit guide telling them shamanism is the way to go hahaha you understand? I think ‘the call’ can come in many ways. I suggest these following books about shamanism:
Spirits of The earth ~ Bobby Lake-Thom
Secrets of Shamanism ~ Jose Stevens, PH.D, and Lena S. Stevens
Shamanic Experience ~ Kenneth Meadows
The first talked more about Omens in Nature, Symbols and Ceremonies whereas the latter gave a more in depth look at shamanic philosophy, ritual, techniques such as Astral Projection, Smudging, Journeying etc.
Hope this helps. I went through a time I was really into Shamanism and although I do not live in MI I am accessible through the internet ( I live in IL incase you were wondering)
Love Light and Peace 🙂

Scarlet MacBlu

My understanding is that no, if you have not received the call, you cannot become a shaman. That said, anyone can practice shamanism and shamanic techniques. I know a woman who has been practicing shamanism for over 40 years and she’s never called herself a shaman. It’s her faith, her spiritual practice. The call is usually difficult and painful. Personally, I’d rather be a shamanic practitioner then a shaman any day due to the high cost of “initiation.” It doesn’t make you less by not being a shaman, it just means you can practice the techniques but don’t have to “pay the price.”
You might find pagan shamanic practitioners in your area on, but generally, those will be people who identify as pagan. There are many forms of shamanism and not all of them identify with paganism.
Best of luck!


“The call” can be any number of signs or feelings that makes you feel that you need to be a shaman. It can be some physical or obvious sign that shows your “otherness,” such as being born in the caul, having an obvious disability, being a homosexual, or something else. It can be some illness (physical or mental) that devastates you to some extent, during which time you come to the spirits (or vice versa) and to shamanism.
According to Mike Williams, a shaman in Wales, a shaman is someone who does these things:
“Enter trance to gain access to the otherworld,
Interact with the spirits that inhabit this realm,
Use the knowledge this provides to help the community.”
That really is the simple description of a shaman, and different cultures will have different ways or requirements for what a shaman does. Helping the community is really a requirement, however. So really, you can’t be a shaman until you have a community that you care for as a shaman/healer/spiritual leader.
Mike Williams’ book, by the way, basically sets out all of the things you can do to become a shaman, teaching you about journeying, getting and working with your animal guide, soul retrievals, healing, etc. Good luck.

Dr Gerald Phillips

I have often read of ‘being called’ Can you tell me what this means and what form it takes. Does one become more spiritually aware or losecontact with this physical planen ?
Your help wpuld be appreciated.
My kindest wishes


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