Can i become a shaman, but still be a Christian and keep my place in Heaven?

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I have been raised a Christian all my life and i am very faithful to my religion but i just want to try something new, without converting to any other kind of religion. I want to be a practicioneer of Shamanism. This is a very serious desire, not a joking matter. But i do realize that Shamanism is a religion but i have heard of Shamans being Christians. So is there anyway i can be a Shaman but still be a Christian? Serious answers, please.

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Are you going to live in the Bayou and do Voodoo and use voodoo dolls?


I don’t believe so, but, perhaps you could become a hermit instead?
They are sort of like shamans.


No you can’t, god is a jealous god, but then if you have this desire you are not a Christian

Carlos S.

That’s like asking: “can I be a heroin addict and still be a christian”?, shamans are Christian because they come to Christ as they are but God will take that away from them (deliver) them as they are faithful to Him, same with heroin addicts, you can’t go backwards asking, can I become a heroin addict and still be a Christian?, forward is Christian from heroin addict to no more heroin, you need to seek God and not listen to satan, realize that this is coming from satan and not from God, seek ye rather the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Shamanism if not from the Holy Spirit.


that just goes to show how ignorant you people are yes you can be a shamen and still be a christian when your a shamen a real one you totally devolt your life to the greator or god who do you think will give you the power to heal the mother and the creator dont listen to these lost souls come join my group strong1again path to enlightnment


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