Can I be an atheist is I believe in reincarnation?

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I don’t believe in god, but I believe in reincarnation. That I’ll live on Earth again. Can I still consider myself an atheist?

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atheati kitteh (((Will)))


Grand Vizier

As far as I know yes; atheism pertains only to gods, not other paranormal/supernatural/afterlife claims.

Witchhazel rebewted y'all

Atheists don’t believe in god, there’s no rules to say atheism can’t be spiritual.

D j

yes atheist means you don’t believe in God (theist means god). it has nothing to do with reincarnation.


yes cuz it wont matter…..reincarnation is of the devil….and so are athiests so it wont matter in the end….


I want to be reincarnated as an amoeba.


yes as long as you don’t believe in a higher power your an atheist.

Anony Moose

maybe you’re a pantheist


Yes unless you believe that a Divine power is the cause of reincarnation. All Atheism is the non believing a God, many gods or any entity.


Sure. Not much of a skeptic, but you can definitely still be atheist.

Try to relax...

Atheist – I don’t believe in deities. Nothing else implied.
â•‘In the end, all actions are justified.
â•‘No matter how heinous, there is always a reason
â•‘for all that happens. And to feel anger over such things
â•‘is as logical as being mad that apples fall to earth.
â•‘I sought to understand everything…
â•‘and even still, I’ve got a long way to go.


Maybe, you’ll have some Hindu and Buddhist beliefs however.


yea…buddhists believe in reincarnation and many people would consider them atheists cuz they don’t believe in god but rather karma
answer mine please;_ylt=Am7u8iTzm.OnMyUb4Qua9MTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090708000912AAljwZV


You can still consider yourself as an Atheist, but you wouldn’t be a true Atheist. Real Atheists believe nothing. If you believe in reincarnation then your not 100% Atheist.


no cuz only God makes ppl live again. Doesnt work too well for you huh?? WE NEED THE TRINITY and we will be ourselves again too…those who repent will.


u can consider yourself whatever u want 2


No atheist believe once you are dead you cease to exist


theist – believes in god
athesit – doesn’t believe in god
As you don’t believe in god, you are an atheist. Welcome to the dark side 🙂


yes god also says if you do good you can live another time in this beautiful eath


It depends. Most hard-core Atheists do not believe in any form of an afterlife, as that would somehow point to the existence of an alternate plane and/or higher power.


That is a popular “new age” view. Which is really just Hinduism remolded.
You can believe anything you want, and put whatever label on it you want. Worry about finding the truth, and then find out the name for it.


Yes. The only qualification of being an atheist is not believing in God.
You could believe in a blue unicorn and still be considered an atheist.
Reincarnation is a stupid idea though.
Just as stupid as believing in God.

mortoo revisited





Yes. Only the non-belief in deities is a given.
A small proportion of atheists think reincarnation is part of nature, a natural phenomenon: no “Hand of God” required.

BB Jesus Resurrected (AM, Lvl 2)

You can believe in the existence of the silver unicorn and the flying Pegasus, as long as they are not gods.


Atheists have no delusional belief in imaginary deities.
So yes, you can be one, but if you think you will live again after you die, you are just as delusional as people who “believe” in gods and goddesses.
As I point out to them endlessly, you do not get to choose your own version of reality.
Reality is not subjective, it is objective.
Deal with it or live a lie…

Library Occupied

True atheism says when you die, that’s it and nothing happens for you after death, so NO you cannot.


Atheist: —noun
a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
Reincarnation: -noun
1. the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form.
2. rebirth of the soul in a new body.
3. a new incarnation or embodiment, as of a person.
The definition of atheist would imply you can believe in “whatever you want” and still be an atheist, as long as “whatever you want” isn’t a god or supreme being.
However, reincarnation implies people have a soul. The problem is if people have a soul this would extend beyond the natural to the supernatural. Some would say belief in the supernatural would naturally lead to a belief in some type of god/creator/supreme being. Which would make the answer to your question no…
If you believe that people are “reincarnated” into say a tree- by the process of decomposition- then sure you can undeniably be an atheist who believes in “reincarnation” (but at that point I’m not sure it would fall under the definition of reincarnation.)

The Living Anne

Certainly you can believe reincarnation is true as an atheist. Carl Sagan — brilliant, highly respected scientist and atheist, and renowned skeptic of all things paranormal, who devoted much time and energy into debunking supernatural ideas — examined recent studies on reincarnation and concluded it “might be true.”
Coming from Sagan, the concession that reincarnation “might be true” is almost as good as saying it *is* true (which, of course, it is).


yes because all atheism is is the as websters dictionary put it ” some one who denies the existince of god.” its not a religion but the abscence of faith in a deity or deities. (i know my grammer and spelling are terrible


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